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Every nation and every country has its own customs and traditions. In Great Britain traditions play a more important part in the life of the people than in other countries. Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up.



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Тема “Театр”

Савченко Л.В.



: Every nation and every country has its own customs and traditions. In Great Britain traditions play a more important part in the life of the people than in other countries. Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. It has been the law for about three hundred years that all the theatres are closed on Sunday. But on other days all the theatres are opened. There are more than fifty theatres in the West. Some of them plays and shows last for few weeks. Some go on for years.

                 English people are great theatre – goers. They began to visit theatre since 17th century, when the first theatre was opened in London. It was opened on May the 7th, 1663. King Charles II was present at the performance and he was the first British King who attended a public theatre. Since that time the theatre is called Royal and the actors – the King’s Company. Many of the shows which go on in Royal Theatre are light comedies and serious plays. The National theatre is also one of London’s most famous theatres. The building is modern and the plays are classics and new productions.

Ведущий: Speaking about theatre… Theatre… Every person imagine a delightful world of sounds, points, decorations and beautiful costumes. We are captivated by the remarkable acting and good music.

                 English people are very fond of Shakespeare’s plays. In Stratford – upon – Avon there is the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. People go there from all Parts of England and from other countries. They want to see and hear in English the plays, which were written by famous dramatist. In the last ten on twenty years there are some new productions of Shakespeare. The best known are the productions by Michael Redgrave, Laurence Olivier and Paul Schofield. They all show a new understanding of Shakespeare and make it easier for the spectator to understand the characters in his plays. Michael Redgrave Laurence Olivier and Paul Schofield are also well – known actors. They have played in many Shakespeare’s parts: Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, Romeo and others. Among the actresses who play Shakespeare’s characters, the most famous are Vivien Leigh, in the part of Lady Macbeth and Peggy Ashcroft, in the part of Ophelia.

Ведущий: The family of Parkers is a happy English family with its own traditions and rules. They are very fond of theatre. Every Friday they go to the theatre, to enjoy the wonderful acting and good music. Today is Friday. The Parkers are going to the Memorial Shakespeare Theatre to see the tragical History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.


  Let me introduce you:

Mr. Henry Parker – the head of the family

Mrs. Nora Parker – his wife

Robert – their elder son

Peter and Polly – their younger children

Dr. Cucumber – Henry Parker’s friend

Mrs. Smith – Nora Parker’s mother

Ann – Robert’s girl

Mr. and Mrs. Grimsdail – Ann’s parents

“At the Parkers’ home”

H.P. – It’s very nice to be home.

           Had a good day Nora?

N.P. – Yes, Henry, I had a good time at home. I’m not tired today. I only watered the flowers and looked through some magazines.

H.P. – Do you want me to do anything this evening Nora?

N.P. – I don’t think so.

N.P. – You are sure, there is nobody coming to see us?

N.P. – No, I don’t, think there is.

H.P. – Then will it be all right for me to go round to the club?

N.P. – Oh, yes, I’d think so.

H.P. – It’s a long time since I went.

N.P. – I suppose, it is.

H.P. – The chaps are wondering what’s happened to me.

N.P. – I suppose they must be.

H.P. – I’d like a game of billiards with my chaps.

N.P. – I expect, you would.

H.P. – I’m very fond of billiards. I get out of practice if I stay away too long. Besides, didn’t Mr. Grimsdail telephone last week and ask me to have game?

N.P. – Now, I believe he did. (Telephone rings) Who is this?

H.P. – May be it’s Mr. Grimsdail.

“A telephone conversation between Nora Parker and her mother Mrs. Smith”

Mrs. Smith: - Hallo, Nora?

N.P. – Yes, it’s me! Hello! Mammy! How are you? Is everything all right with you? I’ve not seen you for whole week.

Mrs. Smith: - Everything is all right. Even my health is normal. Well, Nora, don’t you remember that today is Friday, and we usually go to the Theatre.

N.P. – Good heavens, so it is.

H.P. – Who is that, Nora? What is happened?

Mrs. Smith: - Nora, are you ready to go to the Theatre? Let’s meet in a foyer. Robert said that he would buy tickets beforehand.

N.P. – all right, Mum. See you in the theatre.

Mrs. Smith: - Bye, darling!    

H.P. – Nora, who was that? What are you doing?

N.P. – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… Everything is quite true, today is Friday.

H.P. – Nora, can you explain me, what does all this mean? Whom did you speak with?

N.P. – You know Harry, today is Friday, and there is a show this evening at the Theatre.

H.P. – Oh, yes, today is Friday, we always go to the Theatre on Friday. I promised, that we should always keep this rule.

N.P. – So, do you still think, you will go round to the club?

H.P. – No, somehow I don’t think I will. Let’s prepare for going to the Theatre. Nora, do you know, what is on at our Theatre today?

N.P. – It seems to me, that they are showing “Hamlet” after Shakespeare’s tragedy.

H.P. – Oh, really, I like Shakespeare’s plays. What time does the show start?

N.P. – As usually, at 7 p.m.

H.P. – It’s 6 o’clock now. Nora, we must get a more on? Nora, are you ready? Hurry up, darling! It’s high time to go out/

N.P. – Harry, do I look well? How do you like my new hat?

H.P. – My darling! Wonderful, charming! But we must go, to come in time for the show.

N.P. – All right, let’s go.

“Invitation to the Theatre”


R. – Hello, Ann! How are you?

A. – I’m well, thank you. How are you?

R. – Well, as usual. What are you doing this evening, Ann?

A. – Nothing special.

R. – I think we can go to the theatre tonight.

A. – That’s a good idea. And what is on?

R. – It’s “Hamlet”, the play you want to see.

A. – That would be lovely. My parents would go to the Theatre with great pleasure too.

R. – All right, my parents’ll come too. It’s a good moment to introduce them to each other.

A. – What time does the show begin?

R. – It begins at 7 p.m.

A. – So, we are just in time for the show. We are going out. See you in a foyer.

“At the box - office”

R. – Good evening!

Cas. – Good evening!

R. – Give me please 8 seats in the seventh row.

C. – Here you are, please!

R. – Thank you!

C. – Not at all!

“At the theatre”

R. – Here you are at last! What’s ever happened?

A. – I say. I’m awfully, sorry. I’m late.  It’s a bad excuse, but the fact is my watch stopped! My parents will come in a few minutes. Where are your parents?

R. – They are late too. Oh, look there are my Granny and Mr. Cucumber. Hello!

A. – Good evening Mrs. Smith. Glad to see you!

Dr.C. – Good evening, young people! How do you do? Robert, how did you get on in your exams?

R. – I passed.

Dr.C. – My congratulations! What marks did you get?

R. – Three fives and a four.

Dr.C. – Well done. Now you can relax and enjoy yourself for a bit.

R. – Yes, it’s a big relief.

Mrs. Smith. – Ann, how glad I am see you. Those are very nice – looking shoes you are wearing!

A. – Do you really like them? Do you think they match my handbag?

Mrs. Smith. – Yes, they do. And they go very well with your hat, too. You have very good taste in clothes.

A. – Thank you!

“In the foyer”

R. – Mum! Dad! I’d like to introduce you Mr. and Mrs. Grimsdail. They are Ann’s parents. Mr. Grimsdail, Mrs. Grimsdail, I’d like to introduce you my mother and father.

H.P. – Good evening Mr. Grimsdail!

Mr. Gr. – Good evening! How are you?

H.P. – All right, thank you. And how are things with you?

Mr. Gr. – Oh, not too bad.

Mrs. Gr. – Good evening, Mrs. Parker!

N.P. – Good evening! How are you?

Mrs. Gr. – Very well, thank you. And you?

N.P. – Quite well, thank you?

H.P. – There is the second bell. We must hurry up, not to be late for the show. Robert, where are our tickets?

R. – Here you are.

Usher. – May I see you tickets, please?

H.P. – Here you are, please!

Usher. – Row seven, seats 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. This way, please.

H.P. – Thank you.

Usher. – Would you like a program?

H.P. – Yes, please.

Ведущий: William Shakespeare. “Hamlet” – the tragical History of Hamlet the Prince of Denmark. The action takes place in Elsinore. The main characters are Claudius the King of Denmark. Hamlet, the son of the previous and Nephew to the present King. Gertrude, the queen of Denmark and mother Hamlet. Polonius, Lord Chamberlain, Ophelia, the daughter to Polonius and Hamlet’s love.

(Идет просмотр спектакля)

Mrs. Smith. – Mrs. Grimsdail, are you enjoying the play?

Mrs. Gr. – It’s very good.

Mrs. Smith. – I like it too. The actors and actresses are playing well.

Mrs. Gr. – Oh, yes. And the scenery is beautiful.

N.P. – Hush! Don’t speak so loudly. People are looking at you. Henry, have a chocolate?

H.P. – No, thank you.

Ведущий: Hamlet is the main character, a student of Wittenberg’s University. He loves life very much. But mysterious death of his father, the hasty marridge of his mother with father’s brother, the servility of court’s people, the treason of his friends, shake Hamlet’s optimism. Hamlet understands that Claudius is a sly and an artful person. He begins to think about life’s problems.

(Монолог Гамлета)

Hamlet: “To be, or not to be…”        

Ведущий: The End of the first act.


“During the interval”

N.P. – I think, the play is very good, don’t you?

H.P. – Well, the acting is certainly good, brilliant, but I didn’t think much about of the play itself.

N.P. – Really? I found it very interesting. What don’t you like about it?

H.P. – Well, the subject is treated in a very superficial or sentimental way.

N.P. – I don’t think so.


Mrs. Gr. – Well, that is certainly one of the best plays of the season, isn’t it?

Mr. Gr. – Oh, I’d not say that, but the acting is really good.

Mrs. Gr. – So you don’t think much of the play itself then?

Mr. Gr. – No, I don’t. It’s not true to the life. Nothing like that ever happens in real life.

Mrs. Gr. – I’m afraid I don’t agree with you. I really enjoy it.


Dr.C. – Mrs. Smith, do you enjoy the show?

Mrs. Smith. – Yes, I do. But it’s seems to me that we have seats too close to the stage, I must turn up my head, and that’s why I have a neckache.

Dr.C. – Oh, is it so? You must take care of your health. I propose you to go to the buffet and drink a cup of coffee there.

“At the buffet”

Buff. – What would you like to eat?

Dr.C. – A meat sandwich.

Buff. – Do you? Would you like a meat sandwich or a cheese sandwich?

Dr.C. – Two meat sandwiches, please!

R. – Two cheese sandwiches for Ann and me!

Dr.C. – So, we’ll have two meat sandwiches, two cheese sandwiches and four coffees.

Buff. - Two meat sandwiches, two cheese sandwiches and four coffees. Here please!

Dr.C. – Thank you!


R. – Ann, I wonder whether you’d like to go to the Mayfair Restaurant with me on Sunday. They say the food’s very good there.

A. – I’m afraid I can’t. You see, I’ve promised to see my mother’s sister.

R. – That’s a pity. Well, perhaps we could go some other day.

A. – Yes, I should like to go when I’m a bit freer.

Mrs. Gr. – Robert are you doing anything special on Saturday night?

R. – No, I don’t think so.

Mrs. Gr. – Well, we are having a little party and I’d like you to come.

R. – Thank you! That would be very nice. What time?

Mrs. Gr. – Half past seven.

R. – Fine, I’ll see you then.

H.P. – There is a bell for the second act. We must hurry up, not to be late for the show!                         


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