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Not long go computers were not very relible nd comprtively slow in opertion. Both the digitl nd the nlogue computers must be progrmmed. The Internet hs revolutionized the computers nd communictions world. The invention of telegrph telephone rdio nd computers set the stge for this unprecedented integrtion of cpbilities nd medium for collbortion nd interction between individuls nd their computers without regrd for geogrphicl loction.



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Not long ago computers were not very reliable and comparatively slow in operation. Since then, several generations of complex electronic computing equipment have been developed, each being significantly better than the one before it. Almost every day a new use is found for these astonishing devices to help man.

We know a computer to be a complex electronic device that can store and process vast quantities of information. Following instructions, computing equipment will perform calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and provide the answers to a large variety of problems in a tiny fraction of time.

A computer is known to be the "heart" of an electronic data processing system, other parts of equipment being auxiliary.

There are two main types of computing equipment — digital and analogue. They work differently and yield different results. The digital computer is performing a much broader range of functions than the analogue one.

The analogue computer, as its name, implies, produces analogues or parallels of the process to be described or the problem to be solved. Both the digital and the analogue computers must be "programmed". This means they must be set up in such a way that they can produce a result from the information fed into them, and the information itself must be organized so that it can be handled by the machines. These devices working by electronic impulses perform at fantastic speed and with great precision.

An initial prototype of what is often called the Global Information Infrastructure is known to be named the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized the computers and communications world. The invention of telegraph, telephone, radio and computers set the stage for this unprecedented integration of capabilities and a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for geographical location.

The history of the Internet is complex and involves many aspects — technological, organizational and community. Its influence reaches not only to computers communications but throughout the society, as one of the most popular Internet services nowadays is e-mail. Each new generation of computers opens up a new possibility for basic and applied research.


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