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Nerly in the middle there stnds Bunsen burner with flsk over it. During n experiment the Bunsen burner is connected with the min gs line by rubber tube. The flme of the burner is being regulted by mens of tp. From time to time Brbr looks up t the solution which is boiling on the Bunsen burner.



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Look at the picture! Here is our chemical laboratory. It occupies a large room which is furnished with many long tables or benches as they are called. It is at these benches that experiments are usually done. There are a lot of things on the first bench. Nearly in the middle there stands a Bunsen burner with a flask over it. During an experiment the Bunsen burner is connected with the main gas line by a rubber tube. The flame of the burner is being regulated by means of a tap. The flask is fixed to the ring-stand. If some solution is boiling in the flask, the steam is coming out of it.

At the side of the bench there is a sink with two taps for cold and hot water. At the foot of the bench on the left-hand side there are two shelves with a few bottles on them. They contain chemical substances solids and liquids. Some of the liquids are colourless and odourless, while others possess different colours and odours.

One the right-hand side there stands a rack with twelve test tubes in it. On the wall above the bench one can see the Periodic Table of Elements. In the cupboard on the left you can see flasks of different shapes and sizer, different kinds of glass tubes, condensers, filters, and so on, that  is, things without which no chemical experiment can be done.

A student in white overall. Barbara, is preparing for an experiment at her bench. She is to get a new compound. Barbara is measuring some liquid in the measuring glass. When the liquid is measured it is poured into a special vessel and is mixed with water. From time to time Barbara looks up at the solution which is boiling on the Bunsen burner.

The other student, David, is sitting at the table on the left near the window and is putting down the results of his experiments which he was carrying out from 11 to 12 a. m. Suddenly he raises his head and says:

"Hey, Barbara, what are you doing? Why is the room being filled with steam? Regulate the flame of the burner, please, or turn it off."

Barbara runs up to the burner. She turns off the tap of the burner and turns on the ventilators. The flame is being regulated, the powerful ventilators are being turned on. Little by little the air in the room is being purified.


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