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I ws born in Krsnodr. The history of Krsnodr begn in 1793. The popultion of Krsnodr is more thn 800 000 people.



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Krasnodar is my native town. I was born in Krasnodar. The history of Krasnodar began in 1793.

In 1993 we celebrated the 200-th years of our city.

There are a lot of green parks and squares in our city. The population of Krasnodar is more than 800 000 people. Krasnodar is an educational and scientific centre of the Krasnodar territory. There are three universities: Kuban State University, Kuban Technological State University and Kuban Agrarian University. There are some Academies, many colleges and schools in our sity. Krasnodar is a sity of many plants and factories. More than 100 000 workers and engineers work there. Krasnodar is a cultural centre. We can visit Drama, Musical Comedy and Puppet Theatres and a great number of cinema halls. Krasnodar is becoming one of the most beautiful cities of our country.