Higher education in the USA


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Most of the students bout 80 per cent study t public institutions of higher eduction becuse tuition fees here re much lower. In the US higher eduction is period of dvnced study following the completion of secondry eduction.



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Higher education in the USA

There are 156 universities in the USA . Any of these institutions of higher education may be either public or private. The public institutions are financed by state. Most of the students, about 80 per cent, study at public institutions of higher education, because tuition fees here are much lower. Some of the best known private universities are Harvard Yale and Princeton. In the USA higher education is period of advanced study following the completion of secondary education. The duration of the study may be from four to seven year or more, depending upon the nature and complexity of the programs. A degree is qualification you get from university when you pass your final exams. You are the awarded bachelor of Arts of bachelor of science. Higher education in the USA is best in the world.