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We have known some new professions from this tongue – twister. You have already known a lot of professions. Look, I have some letters from different people. I want to read these letters, and you’ll say what these people are.



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Урок англійської мови у 4 класі


Мета уроку: навчальна: активізувати та удосконалювати усі види мовлення в учнів: читання, письмо, аудіювання та говоріння, закріпити лексику теми; удосконалити усно-мовленнєві вміння учнів; розширити кругозір учнів у межах теми;

розвиваюча: розвивати вміння учнів здійснювати мовленнєву діяльність, розвивати самостійність у праці, збагатити зміст основної навчальної мети;розвивати мовну  здогадку; залучити учнів до комунікативних форм діяльності на уроці: робота в парах, групах, розвивати мислення та вміння спілкуватися один з одним;

виховна: виховувати позитивне ставлення до людей різних професій, вчити учнів бути уважними, організованими та активними.

Обладнання уроку: картки із завданнями, малюнки, картки для парної роботи та групової роботи.      


Хід уроку

І. Початок уроку


T. Good morning. How are you?

Warm – up

T: Let’s begin with the tongue – twister:

Rub – A – Dub – Dub

Three men in a tub:

The butcher, the baker,

The candlestick maker.

T: We have known some new professions from this tongue – twister. You have already known a lot of professions. Look, I have some letters from different people. I want to read these letters, and you’ll say what these people are.

I like children very much. I like to read books and to write on the blackboard too.

  What am I?

 I like children very much, but I do not like to write on the blackboard. I go to the hospital every day. What am I?

 I like cars and buses. I like to travel very much. I can drive a car, a bus and a tram too.

   What am I?

 I like flowers and trees. Every day I go to the garden and water flowers there. What am I?

You are very good pupils. And now tell me, please, what professions do you know else?


 Let’s make up “A Map of Professions”.


                                                      a gardener

                         a shop - assistant                         an engineer


                           a driver Professions  a doctor



                                             a worker                  a singer

                                                            a teacher

II. Основна частина уроку

Оголошення теми та мети уроку.

T: Today we are going to know what profession is the best. First of all, I want to show you our plan of the lesson. Look at the blackboard, please.


Where do your parents go every day?

What do they do there?

What is the most important profession in our life?

What is the best profession?

What do you want to be?

       2. Активізація лексики.

T: Let’s solve our first problem.

There are many places, where we can go every day. For example:

An office

A plant

A hospital             ( малюнки)

A school

A café

Now, make up sentences, like as in example: - I think, she goes to the café, because she is a waiter.

Nina is a doctor.                                     An office

Ira is a teacher.                                       A hospital    

Taras is a worker.                                   A cafe

Ann is a secretary.                                  A plant

Ivan is a waiter.                                      A school

2. T: And can you say what do they do there?

Match the words with their definitions and make up sentences.

1.   a singer                                           a)   teaches pupils                                      

2.   a businessman                                b)   makes cakes

3.   a teacher                                         c)   treats people

4.   a doctor                                          d)   sings songs

5.   a builder                                         e)   builds houses

6.   a gardener                                      f)    works in the field

7.   a cook                                            g)  drives cars

8.   an engineer                                    h)   works at the office

9.  a farmer                                           i)   waters the flowers and trees

10.  a driver                                          j)   constructs machines

                3. Вдосконалення лексико – граматичних навичок. Активізація навичок письма.

T: And now we have to decide what profession is the most important? Let’s try to do some work.

What is she? ( малюнок) – She is a secretary.

Do you want to be a secretary? Ok, then take cards with the letters and listen to me.

A secretary I know, typed some sentences. She typed and typed and was tired. Let’s help her to complete her typing. I’ll read you these sentences and you must type words with your letters.

Red: I have a family.

Orange:   My parents are young.

Yellow:   I have a brother.

Green:     He is a teacher.

Blue:       I have an aunt.

Violet:    She has two children.

T:  Good, I see you know letters and how to write English words. That’s why, I want you to be teachers. I have much work to do. Help me to check up these home – works, please. Can you find ten mistakes there?

                                                             Home – werk.

      My neme is Nina. I am nane. My famili is not veri big.

         I have a mothe, a father, and a brother.

         My brother’s name is Vova. Vova is fiften. He is a pupil. He goes to scool.

         My parent are very good. I lave them very much.

T:  You are very good teachers. Can you drive a car? Do you want to be a driver?

Our driver has a task. He must bring bricks for the builder. He needs them to build the house. Help him, please.

There are many bricks here, but you must take the best bricks. Look, and find them, then put these bricks into the lorry.

Our, his, her, my, worker.

Father, mother, doctor, aunt.

Cook, dog, pig, rabbit.

Boy, girl, man, policeman.

Red, green, brown, teacher.

School, plant, farmer, hospital.

Desk, chair, driver, table.

Window, door, spostsman, floor.

bus, car, gardener, lorry.

Are you tired? Let’s have a rest.

           4. Фізкультхвилинка.

A sportsman will help us. Who wants to be a trainer?

I can jump, jump, jump.

I can swim, swim, swim.

I can run, run, run.

I can fly, fly, fly.

Let’s play a game.

T: You have to play. .

              I’ll show you cards with the topics on them. Look and you must say word on this topic.  Are you ready?






      T: Good, you are very good sportsmen.

           5. Активізація та вдосконалення навичок читання та усного мовлення.

T: And now, let’s go to the hospital and help a doctor. Our doctor wrote a timetable for you, but he is very old. That’s why the sentences are mixed. Read them and put these sentences in logical order, please ( a strip story).

Get up at 7 o’clock.

Do morning exercises every day.

Have dinner at 2 o’clock.

Do lessons and play in the yard in the afternoon.

Help your parents in the evening.

Have your supper at 6 o’clock.

Go to bed at 9 o’clock.

      T: You tried many professions. I think, you can tell me, what profession is the most important and what  you want to be. I think, the journalist will help us to do this. But, firstly, look at the list of professions and choose your favourite profession.

What do you want to be?

Interview your partner, like this:

Do you want to be a pilot?



                                          No, I don’t.                                      Yes, I do.    



                                            Why not?                                          Why?



                                 Because I don’t like to fly.                Because I like to fly.

A pop star – to sing.

What do you want to be?

A pop star.


Because I like to sing.

1.a teacher

2. a builder

3. a farmer

4. a gardener

5. a painter


to build houses

to work in the field

flowers and trees

to paint

What have you known about your friends?

What do they want to be?

What do you want to be?

5. T: And now, we have to say what is the best profession?

Some pupils of our form made a project on the topic “Professions in our life”. Dear children, go to the blackboard, please.

               (Presentation of the project)

III. Заключна частина уроку

Home task

Make up the story about your family and tell what are your parents.


We have worked very hard today. We spoke, wrote, read and answered questions. I must say you are good pupils. Your marks are… Good-bye.


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