The Stylistic classification of the English vocabulary


Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Terminological word building and word-derivation, neologism formation by affixation and conversion. 2.Restricted use of finite verb forms, impersonal constructions. 3.\"The author\'s we\" instead of“I”. 2.Syntactical features



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The Stylistic classification of the English vocabulary

The Functional Style of Scientific Prose has 3 subdivisions: 1) the style of humanitarian sciences; 2) the style of "exact" sciences; 3) the style of popular scientific prose. Its function is to work out and ground theoretically objective knowledge about reality. 1.Morphological features:1.Terminological word building and word-derivation, neologism formation by affixation and conversion. 2.Restricted use of finite verb forms, impersonal constructions. 3."The author's we" instead of“I”. 2.Syntactical features: 1.Direct word order, use of lengthy (sentences with subordinate) clauses. 2.Extensive of participial, gerundial, infinitive complexes, adverbial and prepositional phrases. 3.Preferential use of attributive groups instead of the descriptive '"of phrase'. 4.Prevalence of nominal constructions for the sake of generalization. 5.Passive and non-finite verb forms - to achieve impersonality. 6Impersonal forms and sentences: assuming that, mention should be made. 3.Lexical features: 1.Bookish words: presume, infer 2.Neologisms, proper names, words - in their primary dictionary meaning. 3 Restricted use of emotive colouring, interjections, expressive phraseology, phrasal verbs and colloquial vocabulary; seldom use of tropes. 4.Compositional features: 1.Logical and consistent narration, sequential presentation of facts. 2.extensive use of citation, references, foot-notes, -restricted use of expressive means and stylistic devices. 3.Conventionalset phrases. 4.Special set of connective phrases: on the contrary, likewise double conjunctions: as...as, either...or, both...and. 5.Compositionally arranged sentence patterns: postulatory (at the beginning), argumentative, formulative (in the conclusion). 6.Types of texts compositionally depend on the scientific genre: monograph, article, presentation, thesis, dissertation.7.Proper (подходящий) scientific texts: mathematics: highly formalized, with prevalence of formulae, tables diagrams with concise commentary phrases. 8.In humanitarian texts: descriptive narration with argumentation and interpretation (истолкование).

The word-stock can be divided into 3main layers: literary, neutral and colloquial. The aspect of the literary layer is its bookish character. The aspect of the colloquial layer is its lively spoken character. The aspect of the neutral layer is its universal character: it can be employed in all styles of language and in all spheres of human activity.Colloquial-Neutral-Literary=kid-child-infant.Colloquial words are always more emotionally colored than literary ones.The literary vocabulary consists of the following subgroups: 1) Common literary. 2) Terms are words denoting objects, processes, phenomena of science, humanities, technique: drill adapter, bank-administered trust fund3) Poetical words. These are words with the fixed sphere of usage in poetry and elevated prose, their function is to give a lofty poetic coloring. E. g.: steed-horse, woe-sorrow.4) Archaic words. The main stylistic function is to re-create the atmosphere of antiquity. Archaisms used in inappropriate surroundings can cause humorous effect. The main types of archaisms are archaisms proper - obsolete words replaced by new ones (befall = happen), historical words, denoting historical phenomena which are no more in use and have no notion at present (knight, spear, vassal, yeoman), morphological archaisms - archaic forms of non-archaic words (thee, thy, art,-eth).5) Barbarisms and foreign words. Words originally borrowed from a foreign language are usually assimilated into the native vocabulary, so as not to differ from its units in appearance or in sound. e. g. From french (bouquet, garage) latin (alter ego).6) Literary coinages аre words coined because their creators seek expressive utterance. Their stylistic function is to create the effect of laconism, implication (lilliput) or to create the atmosphere of witty humor and satire.) Nonce-words are words coined to suit one particular occasion, they rarely pass into the language as legitimate units of vocabulary. E. g.: "I am not just talented. I'm geniused." The colloquial vocabulary falls into the following groups: 1) Common colloquial. 2) Slang is the most extended and vastly developed subgroup of non-standard colloquial layer of the vocabulary. Besides separate words it includes also highly figurative phraseology. Slang occurs mainly in dialogue and serves to create speech characteristics of personages. E. .: a pretty girl — "bird", "sugar", "cookie".3) Jargonisms are used to conceal or disguise something. E. g.: thieves "grease" — money. 4) Professional words are used in emotive prose to depict the natural speech of a character within the framework of such device as speech-characterization. They can show vocation, education, breeding, environment and even the psychology of a personage. E. g.: "driller" -"borer", "digger" - "hogger".5) Dialectical words are introduced into the speech of personages to indicate their origin. The number of dialectal words and their frequency also indicate the educational and cultural level of the speaker. 6) Vulgar words are divided into expletives and swear-words used as general exclamations and obscene words. They are emotionally strongly charged and can be used for speech-characterization.7) Colloquial coinages. The common literary, neutral and common colloquial words are grouped under the term Standard English Vocabulary.


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