Stylistics of the text


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But there may be rearrangement of the plot structure. Two literary kinds of technique are used in presenting plot development: 1) retardation – withholding of the information until the appropriate time; 2) forshadowing – a look towards the future, a hint, a remark: The plot is simple (complicated), intricate...



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Stylistics of the text

  1.  You’re to state what you’re going to interpret: the text is a selection from… It is selected from (taken from) a… an extract from…; a story (a novel) by…
  2.  The author: known or unknown to you, realistic, of great narrative power, to win smb. wide popularity among… to bring fame to smb…; to rank smb. among…, to enjoy success (popularity); intimate knowledge of human nature; the works of deep psychological inside. He is said to be a great novelist & short-story writer.
  3.  Title: The reader can anticipate the contents with the help of the title, which has several functions: emotive (the author’s evaluation is present, e.g. “The Man of Property”); topical (indicating personages & whereabouts of the action: “Hamlet”, “In another Country”); symbolic (based on mythology, folklore, the Bible, history & geography: “The Moon & Sixpence”); the title speaks for itself, doesn’t disclose the content; the function of the title is…
  4.  Topic is the subject treated in the literary work (social & psychological conflicts, war, peace): The topic can be seen in the title & the plot of a story, it’s expressed verbally by the following words… is not expressed verbally but it may be summed up a follows…
  5.  Idea (message): The central idea of the story is… The novel treats the problem of… The message is represented direct by, explicitly by the following sen-ces… or indirectly, implicitly… The message is implied & may be formulated as follows…
  6.  Plot. The components of the plot are: exposition, the climax or a culmination point, denounment. 

But there may be rearrangement of the plot structure. Two literary kinds of technique are used in presenting plot development: 1) retardation – withholding of the information until the appropriate time; 2) forshadowing – a look towards the future, a hint, a remark: The plot is simple (complicated), intricate, shallow, is life-like, it’s taken from life, is taken from imagination; it develops rapidly (slow). This is a story with the exposition put in the middle. The story opens (closes) with the… The culmination moment is…

The story has a happy end. Retardation & foreshadowing heighten suspense (keep the reader in suspense).

  1.  Paragraph arrangement: The key sen-ces are at the top of the paragraph; it’s a deductive type (or inductive).

8. Type of the text: the functional style of the text is… The text belongs to the L-ge of fiction. This is an illustration of the publicistic style – it’s an essay.

9. Forms of the text: narration, description, argumentation (the centre of attention is the subject of discussion); reflection, dialogue, monologue, inner monologue; half-represented speech, entrusted narrative (1st person narrative); The text for analysis is not homogeneous, because it’s composed of various kinds of prose writing: narration… The story is said (written) in the 1st (2nd, 3rd) person. As a rule, the narrator is a mouthpiece of the author.

Dialogue reflects the accepted speech of the day, it makes the text sound lively, it also serves as a method of indirect charact-n of personages. The speech of the characters reflects their emotional state, their level of education, their age, origin.

Inner represented speech is also a power method of indirect charact-n. Both in dialogue & represented speech the author gets the reader to make up his own mind about the events & people in the text.

The description of smb’s appearance is of great importance in character creation. It may reflect or contraeation. It may reflect or contraind, age, manners, intellect.

10. Setting & characters: The setting creates the gloomy & sinister mood (atmosphere). The scene is laid (is set in)… The time of the action is… The setting may be realistic, exotic, fantastic, rural historical. It serves as a background of the literary work. It may be in harmony or in contrast with the character’s emotions.

The main characters are… The minor char-s are… The char-s are represented through action, speech, analysis of motives. The character is realistic (typical, convincing, vivid, consistent, unforgettable, immoral, contradictory). The main char-r embodies the best (worst) treats of human nature.

11. Tonal system: atmosphere is the general mood of the literary work; tone is the light in which characters are depicted (serious, impassive, cheerful, sympathetic, bitter, offensive, sarcastic, light, heavy); the author’s attitude. The text atmosphere is created & maintained by… The following L-ge means help to create prevailing tone of the text – emotionally colored words, poetic words, an extensive use of imagery (SD, EM). The author’s manner of treating his characters is ironic, humorous, sarcastic, etc. The author’ attitude to the char-s is seen through his choice of words. The author expresses sympathy for…

12. Expressive means & SD: lexical – litotes, simile, periphrasis, represented speech,

metaphor, metonymy, irony, antonomasia, hyperbole, epithet, oxymoron, zeugma, pun; syntactical – repetition, parallel constructions, antithesis, contrast, gradation – climax, inversion, emphatic “it” & the verb “to be”, rhetoric questions, ellipsis, asyndeton, anaphora, framing.

In this story the words are used in their direct or connotative meaning. The words are neutral, colloquial, etc. The L-ge is not rich in epithets & metathors. The sen-ces are short (long) & abrupt (composite).

The emotional colouring is conveyed through such SD-s as… The use of such SD-s creates the atmosphere of…, keeps the reader in suspense. The irony is subtle, one has to read b/n the lines.

13. My own attitude to the text. 

Summing up the analysis I should say that I was impressed by the text. It is written masterfully. The characters are true to life. The theme is interesting. The text produces a strong emotional impact thank’s to the author’s choice of words & character creation. 


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