Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Within the language as a system there establish themselves certain definite types of relations between words, word-combinations, sentences and also between larger spans of utterances. The term supra-phrasal unit is used to denote larger unit than a sentence.



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Within the language as a system there establish themselves certain definite types of relations between words, word-combinations, sentences and also between larger spans of utterances.

I. The term supra-phrasal unit is used to denote larger unit than a sentence. It generally comprises a number of sentences independent structurally and syntactically.

“if you have finished, we might stroll down. I think you ought to be staring”

II. A p aragraph is a graphically term used to name a group of sentences marked off by indentation at the beginning and a break in the line at the end. The paragraph in some styles, such as scientific, publicistic, and some other, generally has a topic sentence, i. e. a sentence embodies the main idea of the paragraph or which may be interpreted as a key-sentences disclosing the chief thought of the writer.

III. Parallel construction is a device which may be uncounted not so much in the sentence as in the macro-structure dealt with earlier SPU and the paragraph. The necessary construction in parallel constriction is identical, or similar, syntactical structure in two or more sentences or parts of a sentence in close succession.

IV. Chiasmus belongs to the group of stylistic devises based on the repetition of syntactical pattern, but it has a cross order of words and phrases. The structure of two successive sentences or parts of a sentence may be described as reversed parallel construction, the word-order of one of the sentences being inverted as compared with that of the other.

V. Enumeration is a stylistic device by which separate things, objects, properties, actions are named one by one so that produce a chain, links of which, being syntactically in the same position, are forced to display some kind of semantic homogeneity, remote though it may seem.

VI. Suspense is a compositional device which consists in arranging the matter of a communication in such a way that the less important, idea being withheld till the end of the sentence. Thus the reader’s attention is held and his interest kept up. (Mankind, was obliging enough to read and explain to me, for the first seventy thousand ages ate their meat row).

VII. Climax is a an arrangement of sentences which secures a gradual increase in significance, importance, or emotional tension in the utterance (It was a lovely city, a fair city, a veritable gem of a city). In order to characterize a thing or phenomenon from a specific point of view, it may be necessary not to find points of resemblance or association between it and some other thing or phenomenon, but to find points of sharp contrast, that is, to set one against to the other. (A saint abroad and a devil at home).


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  Цель работы: Опытным путем определить удельное сопротивление проводниковых материалов. Теоретическое основание: Сопротивление проводника характеризует его способность препятствовать прохождения тока. Для того чтобы при расчетах учесть способность разных проводников проводить ток вводится понятие удельное сопротивление. Удельное сопротивление это сопротивление проводника длиной 1м и поперечное сечение 1 мм2 Сопротивление проводника зависит не только от материала из которого он изготовлен оно зависит и от его размеров длины и поперечного...