Phraseological Units and the principles of their classification


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Phraseological units because they sum up the collective experience of the community.They moralize (Hell is paved with good intentions), give worring If you sing before breakfast, you will worry before night), criticize (Everyone calls his own guse swans).



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Phraseological Units and the principles of their classification.

The branch of lex-ly studying word groups regarded and semantically functionally inseparable is known as phraseology.

Phr.units or idioms defin. as stable word groups lacking an abvious motivation. They are no freely made up by speakers but are reproduced as ready –ma… units,e.g. dark horse, a ball in china shop.

Replacing a vital component would in most cases destroy the idiom;

e.g. red tape(волокита); white elephant(обременительный подарок); an Irish bull(нелепость); small bear (пустяки); hot potato (противоречивая тема); to carry coal to New Castle(в Тулу со своим чемоданом)

Professor A.V. Koonin includes proverbs in his classification of phraseological units labels them communicative

Phraseological units because they sum up the collective experience of the community.They moralize (Hell is paved with good intentions), give worring If you sing before breakfast, you will worry before night), criticize (Everyone calls his own guse swans).

There is no any rigid borderline, between proverbs and phr. units as the latter rather frequently originate from the former so, the Phr. U. the last straw originated from the proverbs: The last straw breaks the camel’sback.

Vinogradov classifies Phr.U. into three classes: phr. combinations, unities, and fusions (сочетания,единства,сращения).

  1.  Phr. Combinations are made up of words with a restricted lexical valency. In most cases only one of the components is used figural while the other has a direct meaning and may be substitud e.g. to meet the deands, or to meet the requirement.
  2.  Phr.fusions are completely non motivated word groups, i.e. the meaning cannot be deduced for the meaning of the constituent parts: e.g. to set one’s capat smb.(to try attract a man);

at sixes and sevens( in confusion); neck and crop(entirely, altogether); to show white feather(to betray cowardice).

Phr.fusions are sentactically, semantically and morphologically stab.

  1.  Phr.unities are partly motivated or transparent. The meaning of whole unit can be deduced from the meaning of the constituent. They build up an image often exaggerated or fantastic: e.g. dancing on volcano, storm in a tea cup, to lose one’s heard (to be at a loss), to loss one’s heart to smb.(to fall in love).

From a sentactical (‘) phr.u. may classified into: nominal phrases:the apple of one’s eye, cat-and-dog life; verbal phr.: (to fish in troubled waters); adj.phr.:as good as gold; adverbal:between the devil and the deep sea; by hook or by crook (так или иначе); interjectional:my God! Good Heavens! Goodness gracious!

To be out of one’s box

To have bats in one’s спятить


To be soft in the head

To be as sober as a judge-трезвый как стеклышко;

Like water of a duck’s back- как с гуся вода;

To be welcome as flowers in May- долгожданный;

To be welcomed as water in shoes – антоним.


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