Places of interest in London

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London is the capital of Great Britain. It is one of the most interesting places in the world. About eight million people live here. There is a big river in London – Thames. There are lots of Bridges over the river. Tower Bridge is the most famous. It is more than 100 years old.



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                    Places of interest in London


  •  to revise pupils’ vocabulary on the topic “The City”;
  •  to extend pupils’ knowledge about London;
  •  to develop pupils’ speaking, listening and reading skills;
  •  to revise grammar material « Degrees of Comparison»;
  •  to develop pupils’ imagination;
  •  to develop pupils’ knowledge about history and culture of Britain.

Equipment: Pupil’s book O.Karpiuk 4, Workbook, topical pictures, individual cards with tasks, a computer, multimedia presentation with sights of London, map of London, poster “Degrees of comparison”


  1.  Introduction

      Greeting and aim.

 Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! Glad to see you.How are you today? I hope that you are fine . Everybody  like  travelling. So, today we are going to travel to London.   I think we’ll travel there by red bus, because it is the main kind of travelling in London. You’ll know a lot about this city and about its places of  interest. So, imagine that we are in London. Take your sits, please! We are at the red bus now. Let’s start our travel with song.


       Warming up.

Good morning, good morning,

Good morning, how are you?

I’m fine, I’m fine,

I’m fine, thank you.

Good afternoon, good afternoon,

Good afternoon, how are you?

I’m fine, I’m fine,

I’m fine, thank you.                  

Good evening, good evening,

Good evening, how are you?

I’m fine, I’m fine,

I’m fine, thank you.

Good night, good night,

It’s time to go to bed.

It’s time to lay down

Your sleepy head.

Teacher ): Look  at the pictures in your books and tell what buildings and places in the city you can see.( p.68 )

Write down the words in your vocabularies.

  1.  Reading. Text “London”
  2.  Pre-reading activities.

T: Our travel starts. Now we`ll visit the most interesting places of interest of London. Please, watch the video clips showing sights of London. (multimedia  presentation)

2)  Reading activities.

London is the capital of Great Britain. It is one of the most interesting places in the world. About eight million people live here. There is a big river in London – Thames. There are lots of Bridges over the river. Tower Bridge is the most famous. It is more than 100 years old.

There are lots of places of interest in London. From Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of London. It is a Museum now. There are hundreds of interesting collections in it. There is a famous clock in London called Big Ben.

You can see splendid churches in the city. Westminster Abbey is one of the oldest royal churches. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the most wonderful classical church in Britain.

The main square of London called Trafalgar Square with the Monument to Admiral Nelson in the center.

As you know, in Britain there is the queen in the Heard of Government. Now you can see the home place of the Queen, Buckingham Palace. Every day at 11 o’clock in the morning the Guard is changing.

London’s parks and gardens are really beautiful. In Regent’s park there is the Zoo. It is one of the biggest and most famous zoos in the world.

There are about 10 thousand streets in London with a lot of shops and cafes, cinema and theatres, galleries and museums. Big red buses run up and down the streets. The oldest metro in the world, called Tube is here in London, too.

T: a)Read the text “London” and complete the word-combinations – the  sights  of London.

      (див. додаток )


  1.  Post reading activities.
  2.  T: Are the following statements true oe false?

- London is a capital town.

- The population of London is about 10 thousand people.

- Tower  bridge  crosses  the river Thames.

- Tower of London is a church.

- Big Ben is a clock.

- One of the oldest royal churches is Westminster Abbey.

- There is only one park in London – Regent’s Park.

- Tube is the oldest metro in the world.

III. Presenting grammar.

 T.: And now we’ll speak about adjectives. There are 3 degrees of them in English: positive, comparative and superlative (poster).If you want to compare things, you should use comparative or superlative  adjective. If the adjective is short, we add suffix – er ; - (the) -est; if it is long, we use -more;-(the)-most. (before the adjective!)

Ex:  Big-bigger-(the) biggest ; famous-more famous-(the) most famous.

     Now look at  the text «London» and  find the examples of comparative and   superlative adjectives there.

IV. Grammar practice.

Впр. 4 (с.  71 — 72).

Учні читають приклади прикметників, подані у вправі, і розглядають     малюнки, які  їх ілюструють. Потім читають речення з цими прикметниками.

               Впр.  5 (с.  72).

Учні в зошитах записують прикметники у трьох ступенях порівняння.

              РЗ, впр.  3 (с.  39).

Учні самостійно заповнюють таблицю.  Потім по черзі називають три ступеня порівняння прикметників.

V. Homework. Retell the text « London»

VI. Summarizing.

T.: Read the proverb and find Russian equivalents: East or West, home is best. (В гостях добре, а вдома краще). This means that our lesson is over and we will go home.

What interesting places did we discuss today?

Do you like today lesson?



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