Do you like Travelling?

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Педагогика и дидактика

Do you like to play games? Do you like to play team games? Today we are having an unusual lesson. The topic of our lesson is Travelling. You’ll revise vocabulary on the topic and use these words in your speech; you’ll sing songs, role-play situations; you’ll develop your speaking, reading...



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Урок-гра.                 TRAVELLING ( the 4th form)


               - to revise vocabulary on the topic and to use the words in their speech;

               - to develop pupils’ listening, writing, reading and speaking skills on the     


               - to practice in using the structure ‘to be going to do smth’, the Past               

               Simple Tense;

Educative:- to teach pupils to work in pairs and groups;

Social: -  to develop love for nature and English language;

Equipment: pictures, tables, texts for reading, hand-outs, disks, a tape-recorder, a computer, presentation


I. Introduction.


T: Good morning, dear pupils! I’m very glad to see you. How are you getting on? Let’s greet each other.

Ps: Let us smile when we say ‘Good morning’

     For a smile makes our faces bright.

     Let us smile when we say ‘Good morning’

     For a smile starts the lesson all right.

1. Aim.

T: Do you like to play games? Do you like to play team games? Today we are having an unusual lesson. The topic of our lesson is ‘Travelling’. You’ll revise vocabulary on the topic and use these words in your speech; you’ll sing songs, role-play situations; you’ll develop your speaking, reading, listening, writing skills and practice in using the structure ‘to be going to do smth’ and the Past Simple Tense.

  •  Do you like to travel?
  •  Do you travel very much?
  •  Why do people like traveling?

Слайд  №1. (Pupils give their answers)

We’re going to play team games and you will work in groups.

(Pupils divide into two teams, choose their teams’names, mottos and songs)

T: First, let’s introduce yourself.

I team: ‘NonStop’

Motto: Never backwards! Never in place! Only ahead! Only together!’

II team: ‘Friends’

Motto: Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver, and the other’s gold.’

Слайд  №2-3.

2. Phonetic drills.

T: So, let’s start our lesson and the first task is: you have to repeat the tongue-twisters as quick as you can.

Слайд №4. (Кожна команда по черзі читає скоромовки. Швидко та правильно прочитана скоромовка приносить 3 бали).

(HO1):1) A sailor went to sea, sea, sea,

            To see what he could see, see, see

            But all that he could see, see, see,

            Was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea.  

         2) She sells sea shells on the sea shore.

             The shells she sells are surely sea shells,

              So if she sells shells on the seashore,

              I’m sure she sells seashore shells.

         3) Swan swam over the sea,

             Swim, swan, swim!

             Swan swam back again,

             Well swum, swan?

4) Feed the bees

With three sweet peas.

5) Don’t trouble trouble

Until trouble troubles you.

6) Carol, Carol, eats an orange carrot.

7) Robert Rolley rolled a round roll around.

If Robert Rolley rolled a round roll,

Where is the round roll Robert

Rolley rolled around?

8) This train and its trunk are trapped by a tree-trunk across the track.

II. Warm-up

1.  Vocabulary revision.

T: Put the letters in the correct order and you will know:


a) what transport people choose to travel or to get to different places:

unerdgrndou, mortobiek, tiran, toreyllbsues, bato, areopalen

Слайд №5.

b) where they stay at: faimylhtoel, coutnyrhuose, cmpa, cttoage

( За кожне правильне слово команда отримує 2 бали)

2. Grammar Practice: the structure ‘to be going to do smth’ and speaking.

a) T: Imagine you are going to travel.

a) First you should pack your things. You have different pictures on the desks. But what are you going to take? Start your answer with the phrase: ‘I’m going to take…’


A camera, a radio, a swimming suit, a pair of sandals, sunglasses, a warm sweater, a big warm coat, a tennis racket, trainers, a pair of pyjamas, jeans, T-shirt, socks, a dress, a towel, books, a clock, a passport, money, a phrase book

Слайд №6.

b) Explain why you are going to take some things. Use the words from the box.


Go sightseeing, visit museums, swim, sail, sleep, sunbathe, play tennis, see friends, go fishing, climb, go to the theatre, camp, walk, learn English

(Кожна команда по черзі читає речення. За кожне правильне речення надається 3 бали)

c) T: the next task for the 1st team is: You want to stay at a hotel. Make up the dialogue full. Fill in the gaps.


how much, not far from the city centre, are you going, I’m looking for, a comfortable hotel

A: Excuse me, _____ a hotel to stay at. What could you recommend?

B: How long ____ to stay?

A: Four nights, I think. I would like a hotel _____.

B: No problems. There is ____ in Victoria Street.

A: Is there a car park?

B: Yes, of course.

A: ____ does it cost?

B: 50$.

Слайд №8.

d) T: the task for the 2nd  team is: imagine that you go to London. You are at the railway station but don’t know what to do, where to buy a ticket. You ask the clerk at the information office. Complete the questions.


to change, luggage, ticket office, line, platform, how much, ticket

  1.  Where is the ____?
  2.  _____ is the __ to London?
  3.  Do I have_____?
  4.  Do I have to pay for ____?
  5.  Which _____ do I take?
  6.  Which _____ does the train start from?

(Команди по черзі розігрують діалогів Кожна правильна відповідь – 5 балів)

Слайд №9.

3. Break time.

T: Now let’s have a rest. I’d like to listen to your teams’ songs.

I team: ‘NonStop’

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream;

Merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream.

II team: ‘Friends’

( to the tune of the Russian song ‘Если с другом вышел в путь’)

If you travel with your friend, twice

You enjoy the journey.

With the merry friends of mine, twice

I’m happier and stronger.

When it rains, or when it snows,

When it’s sunny or wind blows

My dear friends, you are with me. 3 times

Слайд №10.

4. Listening and Grammar Practice Past Simple Tense.

1) Pre-listening task.

T:   - When did you travel last?

     - How did you travel?

  •  Who did you travel with?
  •  What places did you visit?
  •  Did you like your journey?
  •  Do you remember the book ‘Gulliver’s Travels’? No? Let’s watch the extract from this film.

Слайд №11.

2) While-listening task.

T: Write questions about Gulliver’s adventures and match them with the answers and you will know the main facts. But first let’s remember the main rules about the Past Simple Tense.

( Учні розповідають правила і наводять власні приклади)


1. Why/ the boat go down?

a) On the bitch.

2. Where/ Gulliver swim to?

b) Yes, they did.

3. Where/ he sleep after the storm?

c) Chickens, rice and apples.

4. the little people attack him?

d) There was a storm.

5. Where/ he go with them?

e) No, he didn’t/

6. What/ he have for dinner?

f) To an island.

7. Who/ he talk to?

g) The king.

8. Gulliver/ go home?

h) To their city.

3) Post-listening task. Writing.

T: Do you want to travel around the world in the airship? Complete the text in the Past Simple Tense.

                                 Around the world in the airship.

    We (leave) Germany on the 21st May 1929 and (begin) our trip. There (be) twenty passengers. In the evening we (have) a fantastic dinner and we (listen) to some music. I (sleep) very well. Next day I (get up) late and I (eat) breakfast. In the afternoon I (sit) in the lounge. In the evening there (be) a party. Two days later we (get) to Japan.

    It (be) the most exciting trip in my life.

Слайд №12.

(Кожна команда читає текст. За кожне правильне речення надається 3 бали)

III. Summing up.

  1.  Home work. Write a composition about your best travelling.
  2.  Summarizing.

Обговорюються помилки, яких припустили учні у завданнях; підраховуються загальні бали.

T: Dear pupils! Our lesson is coming to the end. You worked hard today and got good marks.

Слайд №13.


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