Animals. Животные

Конспект урока

Педагогика и дидактика

My Dog Come to me, my dear Tom. Would you like to have a bone? It is tasty, it is sweet. Will you come to me and eat? It is tasty, it is fine. Will you come to me and try? My dear pussy cat My dear, dear pussy cat Doesn’t like to catch a rat. He likes to catch a little bird.



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Обобщающий урок по теме: “Animals

Предмет: английский язык

Учитель: Комарова Людмила Михайловна

Используемый УМК: Enjoy English М.З.Биболетова

Класс: 6 (общеобразовательный)

Цель урока: Систематизация изученного материала по теме.

Учебная цель: совершенствование лексико-грамматических навыков, совершенствование навыков аудирования, навыков чтения, письменной речи.

Оснащение: компьютерная презентация

Ход урока

I начало урока

Hello kids! We are having a competition lesson today. We’ll try to repeat all the words to the topic “Animals”

First of all, let’s divide into two teams. Think of the names of your teams. Well, I think the first team will be “Brave doggie” and the second “Cunning fox”

II Разминка

Now let’s refresh in your minds the names of animals. You are to name the animals in turn. The winner will be the team which will name the animal last.

III Фонетическая зарядка

There are many poems about animals. Let’s recite them.

  1.  the zoo

Little Loo went to the zoo,

Said “How do you do?”

To the kangaroo,

And, “You make laugh,”

To the tall giraffe;

And “Oh, what a smile,”

To the crocodile.

But little Loo went no more to the zoo,

For “Boo, said the animals,

“We don’t like you.”

2. The King’s Breakfast

The king asked the queen,

And the queen asked the Dairymaid?

“Could we have some butter

For the Royal slice of bread?”

The Queen asked the Dairymaid,

The Dairymaid said,

“Certainly, I’ll go and tell

The cow now

Before she goes for bed?”

3. My Pussy

I love little pussy, her coat is so warm, And if I don’t hurt her, she’ll do me no harm.

I’ll sit by the fire and give her some food,

And pussy will love me because I am good.

4. Pussy cat

Pussy cat, pussy cat,

Where have you been?

I’ve been to London

To visit the Queen.

Pussy cat, pussy cat,

What did you do there?

I frightened a little mouse

Under the chair.

5. My Dog

Come to me, my dear Tom.

Would you like to have a bone?

It is tasty, it is sweet.

Will you come to me and eat?

It is tasty, it is fine.

Will you come to me and try?

6. My dear pussy cat

My dear, dear pussy cat

Doesn’t like to catch a rat.

He likes to catch a little bird.

A poor bird can’t say a word.

And yesterday he caught a few.

I said to him, “Oh, shame on you!”

7. What is a Whale?

A whale is not as small as us.

Most whales are bigger than a bus!

A whale is not like fish in the sea.

A whale breathes air like you and me.

A whale can’t walk upon the ground.

A whale must swim to get around.

A whale is a mammal just like me.

But its home is in the deep blue sea.

8. Ladybird

Ladybird, ladybird,

Fly away home.

Your house is on fire,

Your children are gone;

All except one,

And that’s little Ann,

And she crept under

The warming pan.

IVКонкурсные задания

Совершенствование лексических навыков, навыков письменной речи

1st game (slide 1)

Here is the sentence. You are to fill in the gap with adjectives describing the character of animals, beginning with the letters:

1) B (blue, black, bad, beautiful, big, brave etc.)

2) C (clever, cunning, curious, cool, cute, careful, charming etc.)

2nd game (slide2)

Write the names of animals correctly (dog, lion, tiger, monkey, mouse, bear, hare, camel, and dolphin)

Vсовершенствование навыков аудирования

3d game

Guess the  funny riddles in turn

  1.  Cats have something fluffy,

That no other animals have.

Is it scarf or mittens?

No, they are … (pussy kittens)

  1.  He is very angry. Why?

Because it is a … (crocodile)!

3) I am little, I am grey,

I like cheese and have a long tail. (A mouse)

4) I am grey, I say, “Th! Th!”

When you pass me by.

Don’t touch me, boys and girls,

Or I’ll make you cry. (A goose)

5)I am red and cunning,

I am not a dog.

I can steal hens and cocks

What am I?

You are a … (A fox)

6)Who likes sitting in the rain

Day and night, night and day

With her house in the bog?

Who’s she?

It’s a … (frog)

7)Long ears, long ears,

Hop, hop, and hop!

Long ears, long ears,

Never stop.

They like carrots,

They like hay.

They grow longer

From day to day (A rabbit)

8)  My slender legs

Are swift and fast,

I gallop,

Or I trot,

Or walk

Or run,

Oh, it’s great fun!

Let’s run a race!

Why not? (Horse)

4th game

Match the name of the animal and its description

  1.  The animal is very timid and afraid of everything (hare).
  2.  The animal has a red bushy tail (fox).
  3.  The animal sleeps all winter in a den (bear).
  4.  He has a beautiful yellow skin with black stripes (tiger).
  5.  The animal can go without food and water for a long time (camel).
  6.  The animal has white skin with black stripes (zebra).
  7.  The animal has long hair around its neck (lion).

5th game

Finish the saying:

  1.  As brave as …(a lion)
  2.  As busy as …(a bee)
  3.  As cunning as …(a fox)
  4.  As fast as …(a hare)
  5.  As heavy as …(an elephant)
  6.  As fat as …(a pig)
  7.  As quiet as …(a mouse)
  8.  As slow as …(a tortoise)

6th game

Combine the two parts of the sentences: (1b, 2c, 3a) (slide3)

7th game

True or false (slide 4)

8th game

Do crossword puzzle; fill in the boxes with the names of animals, so that in the horizontal line you get a word “elephant” (deer, lion, bee, hippo, hamster, ant, snail, and tortoise)

9th game

How long live the animals?

Listen and try to answer my questions:

  1.  How long lives the rabbit? (5 years)
  2.  How long lives the sheep? (12 years)
  3.  How long lives the cat? (13 years)
  4.  How long lives the dog? (15 years)
  5.  How long lives the cow? (25 years)
  6.  How long lives the pig? (25 years)
  7.  How long lives the horse? (30 years)
  8.  How long lives the camel? (40 years)

VI Подведение итогов

Let’s count the score. Who is a winner?


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