Alisher Navoi (1441-1501)


Исторические личности и представители мировой культуры

An ingenious poet and the thinker, the musician and the artist, the teacher and the scientist, a great statesman and one of the most cultural persons of his time. Alisher Navoi was the conventional head of the cultural life of Herat, the patron of numerous representatives of sciences, arts and cultures.



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Alisher Navoi (1441 - 1501)

An ingenious poet and the thinker, the musician and the artist, the teacher and the scientist, a great statesman and one of the most cultural persons of his time. Alisher Navoi was the conventional head of the cultural life of Herat, the patron of numerous representatives of sciences, arts and cultures. “Due to Alisher many people have received literary and art education and talent strengthening and there is no any other patron and the tutor of people as Alisher”. - wrote Babur Alisher Navoi was born on February 9, 1441 in the city of Herat, the capital of Huroson State.

From the childhood Alisher was interested in reading the works of classics of Persian-Tadjik literature: Saadi, Attar and others. According to Navoiy himself, such poets as Lutfi Sheikh Kemal Turbati have directed, assessed the verses written by him. Navoiy studied at the most educated people of that time, took part in their highly intellectual and deeply instructive conversations. Having no family, no children, no successors, the poet spent a significant part of his huge wealth for charity. He has constructed a lot of educational institutions, hospitals, a caravan–sheds, channels, bridges and roads. In Herat Navoiy maintained the closest relations with the great Tadjik poet and thinker Abdurrahman Dzhami (1414 - 1492) who was his closest friend, the adherent, the teacher and the spiritual instructor. Friendship of Navoiy and Dzhami remain in a history for ever as a bright symbol of friendship between Uzbeks and Tadjiks.

By the time when Navoiy became one of the outstanding persons in Hurasan, having received a honorable post at a court yard, he already had reputation of the masterly master of a verse. The generosity of his talent was that the poet has captured all versions of lyrical works created by peoples of the Muslim East during many centuries. Gazals and kitas, tarjibans and rubai– in what genre would not act Навои, he proved everywhere with shine boundless opportunities of his talent and skill. Many known representatives of the literature, art and science of second half 15 – the beginning of 16 century, as a token of deep respect for Alisher Navoi and in gratitude for his support, devoted to him their works.

The image of this versatile and talented person historically is not separable from the broad audience of his contemporaries, friends, admirers and direct pupils – poets and musicians, scientists and architects, calligraphers and artists, historians and the writers, who defined their activity as cultural blossoming of Herat « epoch of Nabvoiy ».

Navoiy died On January 3, 1501 in Herat. All Herat saw off to last way its favorite poet and the wise figure. The mourning concerning Alisher Navoi's death lasted during the whole year - so great was the love to the person who has devoted all talent and skills to the people who had been indefinitely loved by him. Alisher Navoi's literary heritage is very huge. In it we find the set of fine poems, epic products, scientifically – philosophical pathes, literary researches, biographies of scientists, poets, philosophers, works on a history, on linguistics. On the top of poetic creativity of Navoi is creation of "Hamsa" – a cycle from five poems: « Confusion just », « Layli and Madjnun», « Farhad and Shirin», « About seven wanderers», «Wall of Iskandar».

The spiritual heritage of the remarkable son of Uzbeks presently gets to be known internationally, it becomes the property of everyone, to whom the interests of the world, friendship and nations unity is valuable.


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