Imam al-Bukhoriy (810-870)


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Al – Bukhari, Muhammad Ismail Abu Abdullah al – Djufi (810 - 870) – well-known Sunni muhaddist – traditionalist. He was born in the family of Iranian origin in Bukhara, has died in the Hartanka settlement (near Samarkand).



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Imam al-Bukhoriy (810 - 870)

Al – Bukhari, Muhammad Ismail Abu Abdullah al – Djufi (810 - 870) – well-known Sunni muhaddist – traditionalist. He was born in the family of Iranian origin in Bukhara, has died in the Hartanka settlement (near Samarkand). Having started studying hadis at the age of 10 years, Al–Bukhari has shown uncommon abilities and unusual memory. During many years h) traveled, comprehending a science about hadises on different provinces of Khaliftae (Hijaz, Egypt, Iraq, Khurasan). According to sources, he listened хадисы more, than at thousand sheikhs. АльБухари has aimed to collect all "authentic" (sahih) legends about statements and acts of Muhammed. Having shown peculiar to muhaddises of that time his critical attitude, Al–Bukhari has checked up 600 thousand hadises which were in use at that times, and 200 thousand more which he has written down from the teachers and informants. From this enormous amount of legends Al – Bukhari has selected by quality of "faultless" only about 7400 hadises. He has made the arch of them Al – Djami as– sahih which is usually named briefly as as– Sahih.

As– Sahih of Al–Bukhai had already been recognized by contemporaries as an outstanding manual on fikh and by the 10th century has occupied despite criticism of some particulars, alongside with the As– Sahih of Muslim the first place among assemblies of sunni traditions. For the majority of sunnits the As– Sahih of Al–Bukhari became the second book after the Koran.

Al Bukhari is also known as the composer of the authoritative arch of biographies of khadis transmitters – At – Trih al - kabir, created by him in several editions. Among his other compositions it is necessary to name still poorly studied interpretation on the Koran – Tafsir al–Kuran.

In Samarkand has finished his life the great seminary student of East Imam Al-Bukhari. He is the thinker of Middle Ages, has written about 400 thousand hadises – interpretation of positions of the Koran, has made a big contribution to theology. Now all Muslim world lives on his hadisas while on his native land al-Bukhari has been given to a precept. The name has emerged only when the well-known Lebanese writer in 1958, having visited the USSR, has told, that wants to visit the tomb of the well-known seminary student. His request has caused an alarm at party players. The inquiry has been made to the Central Committee of Communist Party of Uzbekistan, therefrom – to the Academy of sciences. Both in the afternoon and at night they searched for tomb of Al Bukhari, yet having found out near Samarkand, near not perceptible village.

Now the Imam Al-Bukhari complex is the magnificent construction constructed on modern technologies, keping all east architecture. It is 30 kilometers from Samarkand, but it is easy to reach it, for there are a lot of indexes, and the road is in good condition. In a complex, which occupies a huge territory (including external – with a fountain, additional constructions, park) are located the mosque, a tomb of the seminary student (it is processed from a jewel – onyx which bought from Iran), there is a hotel for tourists and pilgrims, shops where it is possible to get religious subjects and the literature.


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