Traditions and holiday of Uzbekistan and Great Britain


Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

Today Tuit - a University of the modern type, which has a high scientific and pedagogical potential, a wide range of Educational Communications, an extensive network of international contacts, a high level of public vocation training.



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Tashkentskiy State Committee Relationship to Informatizations and Telecommunication Technology of the Republic Uzbekistan

                    Tashkent University Information Technology

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Life – 2014


1.My study at the University

2.Our University

3.Traditions and holiday of Uzbekistan

4. Traditions and holiday of Great Britain


My studyat the University

Tashkent University of Information Technologies (TUIT) is the leading technical university of the Republic of Uzbekistan for training in the field of information and telecommunication technologies. Called "The Tashkent Electrotechnical Institute of Communications" was considered an industry institute of the Ministry of Communications and basically trained engineers of telecommunications and radio communications for the republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

Today Tuit - a University of the modern type, which has a high scientific and pedagogical potential, a wide range of Educational Communications, an extensive network of international contacts, a high level of public vocation training. In recent years, multiplies the best traditions of the university, open new avenues of education undergraduate and Master's specialty, defended his thesis, improving physical infrastructure, construction of new housing. International cooperation with leading universities in Europe and Asia. In recent years, TITU open and functioning joint training centers with the Republic of Korea and India, firms NEC (Japan), CISCO (USA), HUAWEI (China), ACETECH (UK), where students combine parallel basic training at the University with training centers based on modern technology.

The University is open to cooperation and happy to meet new students, colleagues and friends.

Our University

Tashkent University of Information Technology (before 2002 - Tashkent Electrotechnical Institute of Communications) - a training center in the field of telecommunications and information technologies in Uzbekistan. There are also branches of the University in the cities of the country: Fergana, Urgench, Karshi, Samarkand, Nukus. Was established in 1955. In the Soviet Union was one of the six institutes of communication and the only one in Central Asia.


information technology

TV technology

telecommunication technologies

Radio engineering, radio communications and broadcasting

Economics and Management

Special Department of Defense of Uzbekistan

vocational training

Holidays of Uzbekistan.

Each year Uzbekistan celebrates seven public holidays: 1st of January – New Year, 8th of March – International Women’s Day, 21st of March – Navruz, 9th of May – Memorial Day, 1st of September – Independence Day, 1st of October – Teacher’s Day, 8th of December – Constitution Day. Also Uzbekistan celebrates the Day of Defenders of Motherland on January 14 and the Day of Remembrance for the victims of political repressions, observed on August 31, though these holidays are not free days. Two major Muslim holidays in Uzbekistan, Ramadan Khait and Kurban Khait, are days off and are celebrated each year according to the lunar calendar.

Uzbekistan people also widely celebrate international holidays: New Year, the most favorite and magic holiday around the world, and the International Women’s Day, devoted to wives, mothers, daughters and all beautiful women of the Earth.

The 9th of May in Uzbekistan is the Day of Memory for those who took an active part in the struggle against Nazi invaders in the World War II in the front and in the home front. The 1st of October, the Teacher’s Day is the celebration of respect of labor and wise patience of those, who put much efforts and precious knowledge to us.

Independence gave to Uzbekistan new holidays, symbols of a new page in the history of the country: Independence Day, Constitution Day, Day of Defenders of the Motherland and others. The Independence Day is widely celebrated. On September 1 many great cultural events such as shows, concerts, festivals and other entertaining events to mark the birthday of independent Uzbekistan take place throughout the country.

Customs and traditions of Great Britain

The British are so proud of the fact that differ significantly from the other nations of the world. They still adhere strictly to such customs as the game of cricket or left-hand traffic. Britons still, unlike the rest of Europe, measure the distance not kilometers, and miles. In their tradition of the British did not always adhere to logic. In the village pubs locals often play a game of darts, and sometimes checkers or chess.

The British are cool people. They express approval of the word "good", which may look a little prim and pompous. They are not accustomed to show his feelings, but it is a sociable people with a good sense of humor and love.

The locals have a strange habit of making fun of everything. Foreigners sometimes perplexed.

  British tradition manifested in restraint of judgment as a mark of respect to his companion. Hence, they have a tendency to avoid denial, using "may," "I think," "I think" and so on.

By lunchtime, the British change into some other clothes. Holidays UK customs traditions of all the inhabitants try to adhere to.

By the traditions and customs of the British include numerous festivals. The most popular place in May in Chelsea. Most solemn and grand celebration of the country - the Queen's Birthday.

Sport is also referred to as tradition - "Boat Race" held in late March, football, tennis tournaments, yachting.

Traditions and holidays of Great Britain

1, January 2 Britons celebrate the New Year.

March 17 in Ireland celebrating the Day of St. Patrick.

The first day after Easter - Easter Monday

Holy Week - Good Friday

25, and December 26 to celebrate Christmas

Also, holidays are considered to be the last Monday in May or the first of June; the last Monday in August or the first Monday in September and "Glorious 12 July."

The holidays are almost all organizations do not work.


A form of spending time in the form of visits to stores, usually in shopping malls and complexes, and the purchase of goods - clothing, shoes, accessories, hats, gifts, cosmetics and others.


Often under the "shopping" means not just shopping, and the entire complex, which also includes passing and entertainment (restaurants, cafes, cinemas, etc..).

In today's post-industrial society, about a third of all manufactured products designed to meet the "real", the vital needs of the people, and the rest mainly refers to the "optional" group (the fancy new models of mobile phones, colored "tabloid" magazines "superovoscherezki" "fat burners" and so on. n.).

As is the case with alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet, food, shopping at the hobby can develop painful addiction - oniomania, colloquially "shopogolizm." Psychologists in the research process were able to confirm that people are prone to magazinomanii (oniomania), with frequent trips for shopping, begin to make the dependence on the process, in a state of euphoria and thus removing the tension.


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