Volgograd Physical Education Academy


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Physical Education Academy was founded in 1960. The Academy is situated in Lenin Avenue near the Central Stadium. The Academy has its own stadium, an indoor athletic stadium and two swimming pools (outdoor and indoor).



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Volgograd Physical Education Academy

Physical Education Academy was founded in 1960. The Academy is situated in Lenin Avenue near the Central Stadium. The Academy has its own stadium, an indoor athletic stadium and two swimming pools (outdoor and indoor).

The Academy has some Departments: the Day-Time Department, the Correspondence Department and the Preparatory Department. The administrative structure of the Academy includes Rector, assistant rectors, the Deans and the Heads of chairs.

The VPEA offers academic programs leading to the following degrees: Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport and Master of Physical Education. Qualified students have a possibility to continue their study at the Post-Graduate course.

The Academy attracts students from all over the country. Non-local students are provided with a dormitory situated close to the study buildings. The academic year starts in September and ends in June. It is divided into two semesters (terms), at the end of each students take credits and exams. If the exams are passed successfully, a student is awarded with a state grant of money. Students study many theoretical subjects: Biology, Philosophy, Pedagogics, Psychology, History, Sports Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Foreign Language and others.

The Academy trains physical training teachers and coaches in separate sports such as Track-and-Field, Weightlifting, Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Rowing, Boxing, Sports Gymnastics, Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics, Aerobics, Acrobatics, Sport Dances and Chess.

The Academy is proud of its well-known record-holders, world, European and Olympic champions: A. Popov, Ye. Sadovy, V. Selkov (swimming), O. Bondarenko, E. Romanova, T. Lebedeva, E. Issinbaeva (athletics), M.Opalev (canoeing) and many others.


Indoor athletic stadium – манеж

Department – отделение

To administer – управлять

Dean – декан

Chair – кафедра

Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport – Бакалавр по ФКиС

Master of Physical Education – Магистр по ФК

Post-graduate course – аспирантура

Dormitory – общежитие

2. Ответьте письменно на следующие вопросы.

  1.  When was the Academy opened?
  2.  Where is the Academy situated?
  3.  What departments are there in the academy?
  4.  How is the academic year divided?

3. Выберите и напишите подходящие по смыслу местоимения.

(I, me, my) name is Pete Orlov. (I, me, my) live in Vladimir. (It, he, its) is an old Russian town. (Its, his, it) streets are very green and nice. There are many parks and gardens in (them, it, him). (Mine, my, me) family lives in the centre of the town. (Us, we, our) are five in the family. There are three rooms in (our, ours, us) flat.

4. Напишите следующие предложения во множественном числе.

1. My friend is a good manager. 2. Where is my knife? 3. Does the child play much? 4. I have a new car.

5. Измените предложения так, чтобы подчеркнутые существительные были в притяжательном падеже.

         1. Who knows the address of Ann? 2. It is the room of my sister. 3. The board of directors decided on vacation, salary, hiring and firing.

6. Вставьте глагол ''to be’’ в Present, Past или Future Simple.

1. My father … an administrator. 2. He … a good director twenty years ago. 3. I … a manager when I grow up. 4. The secretary (not) … at the office tomorrow. 5. … your father at work yesterday?


7. Напишите отрицательную форму следующих предложений.

1. I want to start my own business. 2. The agreement between countries included an article on the exchange of patents. 3. She has unlimited liability. 4. You came late yesterday. 5. We will discuss the price problem tomorrow. 6. The proprietorship brings much profit.

8. Перепишите и переведите следующие предложения. Определите по грамматическим признакам, какой частью речи являются слова, оформленные окончанием –s и какую функцию выполняет это окончание, т.е. служит ли оно:

а) показателем 3 лица ед. числа глагола в Present Indefinite.

б) признаком множественного числа имени существительного.

в) показателем притяжательного падежа имени существительного.

1. Student gets practical training in certain subjects. 2. The partners are responsible for business debts. 3. Teachers test the students’ knowledge by checking up their written control paper. 4. This Academy trains coaches, teachers of physical education and managers.

9. Перепишите и переведите следующие предложения, определите в них видовременные формы глаголов и укажите  их инфинитив.

1. A.Smith wrote many scientific works during his life. 2. I want to go into business with my friend. 3. Boris will finance the business next year. 4. Our advertising campaign is very well.


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22914. Обчислення рангу матриці 20.5 KB
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22915. Теорія систем лінійних рівнянь 24 KB
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22916. Теорема Кронекера – Капелі (критерій сумісної системи лінійних рівнянь) 46 KB
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22917. Розв’язки системи лінійних рівнянь 50 KB
  Оскільки система сумісна ранги матриці A і рівні і дорівнюють r. Система переписується таким чином: Всі розвязки системи можна одержати таким чином. Одержується система лінійних рівнянь відносно базисних змінних x1x2xr.
22918. Еквівалентні системи лінійних рівнянь 29.5 KB
  Дві системи лінійних рівнянь з однаковим числом змінних називаються еквівалентними якщо множники їх розвязків співпадають. Зокрема дві несумісні системи з однаковим числом змінних еквівалентні. Еквівалентними перетвореннями системи лінійних рівнянь називаються перетворення які зводять систему до еквівалентних систем.
22919. Метод Гауса розв’язання систем лінійних рівнянь (метод виключення змінних) 84.5 KB
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22920. Поняття підпростору 47 KB
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22921. Однорідні системи лінійних рівнянь 49 KB
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