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Нарисуйте развевающийся российский флаг состоящий из трех прямоугольников одинакового размера но разного цвета. Задание было выполнено. Задание № 2: Нарисуйте мухомор. Задание № 3: Нарисуйте светофор и рядом с ним нарисуйте знак запрещающий переходить улицу на красный свет.



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                             Лабораторная работа № 1 .

                      Работа в растровом редакторе Paint.

Цель работы: приобрести первые навыки работы в растровом редакторе Paint.

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Задание № 1: Нарисуйте развевающийся российский флаг, состоящий из трех прямоугольников одинакового размера, но разного цвета.

Задание было выполнено.

Задание № 2: Нарисуйте мухомор.

Задание № 3: Нарисуйте светофор и рядом с ним нарисуйте знак, запрещающий переходить улицу на красный свет.

Задание № 4: Нарисовать грузовик.

Задание №5: Изобразите радугу. (Получилась несколько неудачно…)

Задание № 6: Нарисовать какую – либо знаменитость.

Попробуйте угадать!

Если вы не угадали, то смотрите….


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  To gin the TD title dog must pss one KC trcking test which is usully bout qurter mile in length with three to five turns ged between onehlf nd one hour old nd glove t the end. I wnt the dog to WNT to find the glove t the end of the trck.
84878. Subsequent Training Sessions 29.5 KB
  For several training sessions, the same process should be followed, with the length of track steadily increased. By the time the track is between 20 and 50 yards long, the dog will probably no longer be able to find the glove by sight alone.
84879. Aging and Blind Tracks 30 KB
  Once your dog can complete a three-turn track 200 yards in length (50 yards for each of four legs), then use only the single track at each training session. As tracks have been getting longer, they have naturally been aging for a few minutes.
84880. Additional Motivation 29 KB
  These include food, double-laid tracks, interspersing short, easy tracks and walks in the field. I discovered the latter technique a few years ago, and have found it to be the most productive method...
84881. Before You Finish TD. Tracking Philosophy 50 KB
  Your goal might be to work on multiple articles for one session. It might be to work crosstracks in another. Often, your goal might just be to create an easy workout for the dog for motivation after a tough previous workout. A goal might be to lay off a week or two.
84882. Teaching turns or Overshooting corners 36.5 KB
  I lay my dogs a normal track but about 6-10 feet before I make a corner I shorten my step to make at clear to the dog something has changed. the corner I lay very well after after the corner I place a tidbit, most of my dogs when they came to a strong change like this they slowed checked it out more...
84884. Tracking Dog Training Into the Wind 33 KB
  Bring the dog into the sent pad with the wind to it’s back until he figures out that the damaged ground contains the food. After a couple weeks start bringing the dog to the sent pad at different angles according to the wind.
84885. Tracking to fast 31.5 KB
  I was on the road to correcting this problem working with YYY. Like I mentioned, suggestions such as more food, incredibly tasty food, pinch, double lines, butt strap, more intricate corners, tiny articles, etc., etc. came from some very accomplished trainers.