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In almost every part of Canada there are lakes and rivers. Canada has over 2 million lakes covering 7 of the land mass. It is estimated that Canada is home to oneseventh of the world’s fresh water.



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  •  Geography

As the world’s second largest country, Canada’s geography changes significantly depending on which part you are in. And with the differences in each region, there is a very different accompanying landscape and climate. In almost every part of Canada there are lakes and rivers. Canada has over 2 million lakes covering 7% of the land mass. The largest lake is the Northwest Territories’ Great Bear Lake. It is estimated that Canada is home to one-seventh of the world’s fresh water.

Canada has a land mass of 9,970,610 square kilometers and occupies the northern half of North America. From east to west, Canada encompasses six time zones. Canada has coastlines on the Atlantic and Pacific and the Arctic Ocean, giving it the longest coastline of any country.

In northernmost Canada only 12 per cent of the land is suitable for agriculture because of the harsh climate. As a result, most of the population of Canada live within a few hundred kilometres of the southern border, where the climate is milder.

  •  Climate

British Columbia’s coast is fortunate to have the most temperate climate in Canada. Warm airstreams from the Pacific Ocean keep the vegetation growing and the populace happy. It rarely snows in the low-lying areas, and the Coastal Range and the Rocky Mountains block the Pacific air from the Prairies. The Canadian Prairies extend east from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes. Farming is out in force in these regions. Cold winters and humid, hot summers are the norm, with a tolerable amount of snow and rain. Over half the population of Canada lives near the Great Lakes or along the St. Lawrence River. Winter is very snowy and wind-chilled, while summers are humid and longer than elsewhere in Canada. Rainfall is sufficient to sustain some of the best farming areas in Canada.

  •  People

Canadian society is a multicultural one. Approximately two-fifths of the Canadian population has an origin other than British, French or First Nations.

Since they are the dominant language groups, the official languages of Canada are French and English. Even so, there are many other languages spoken in Canada.

In recognizing multiculturalism, the federal government has developed multiculturalism policies, formalized in The Multiculturalism Act to, among other things “promote the understanding and creativity that arise from the interaction between individuals and communities of different origins.”

While Canada’s pro-active approach to multiculturalism is not without controversy, it has been cited by a United Nations agency as a model for other countries.

  •  Cities

It is the capital of Canada. Ottawa is a great example of a metropolitan city. It has lots of banks, big skyscrapers and embassies. The symbol of Ottawa is its Parliament building. In Ottawa you can take the Amphibus — the bus that not only rides on the streets, but also can float on water like a boat. There are a lot of other interesting places in Ottawa. They include the National Museum of Canada; the Public Archives of Canada; Royal Canadian War Museum; the Design center; Royal Canadian Mint and others.

Montreal It is situated in Quebec — the French part of Canada. It really looks like France: lots of narrow, small streets, cafes, and other tilings typical for France. It combines modern skyscrapers and mansions in a unique mixture. The most interesting part of the city is the Notre-Dame de Montreal that is known as the most beautiful church in North America.

It is the capital and the largest city of Ontario, and is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario. It is one of the chief Great Lakes ports. The city is famous for its CN Tower — the biggest tower in the world — 553 m in height. The most interesting thing about the tower is its glass floor. The city is an artistic and musical center, with the Art Gallery of Toronto and the Royal Conservatory of Music.

It’ s difficult to call Quebec a city. It very much looks like a town — but is still the capital of the province of Quebec. There is Saint-Anne Church there. It has a cyclorama (a big picture screen that is round) — the biggest cyclorama in the world, on which the last days of Jesus Christ are painted. It is the only city in North America that still retains a wall around it that was used to defend it from enemies. There is a very interesting big castle there — the Chateau de Frontenac.

  •  Culture

Canada's culture has historically been influenced by European culture and traditions, especially British and French. Over time, elements of the cultures of Canada's Aboriginal peoples and immigrant populations have become incorporated into mainstream Canadian culture. It has subsequently been influenced by American culture because of its proximity and migration between the two countries.

Canada's federal government has influenced Canadian culture with programs, laws and institutions. It has created crown corporations to promote Canadian culture through media, such as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), and promotes many events which it considers to promote Canadian traditions. It has also tried to protect Canadian culture by setting legal minimums on Canadian content in many media.

Being a settler nation, Canada has been shaped by waves of migration that have combined to form a unique blend of customs, cuisine, and traditions that have marked the socio-cultural development of the nation.


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