Russian cuisine


Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

These gifts have been widely used by Russian people. Therefore all sorts of bread pies pasties kulebyakas pancakes and grain зерно kashas have also become the peculiarity of Russian cuisine. Russians by nature have always been fond of eating and treating their guests.



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Russian cuisine

The main accents of Russian cuisine of 19-20th century is abundance (изобилие) and variety of natural food. The territory of Russia is covered with forests, abundant in rivers, lakes and seas. They all generously provide people with mushrooms, berries, nuts, honey, game (дичь), animals and fish. These gifts have been widely used by Russian people.

Various white straw crops have been cultivated in Russia since the earliest times. Therefore all sorts of bread, pies, pasties, kulebyakas, pancakes and grain (зерно) kashas have also become the peculiarity of Russian cuisine.

Russians by nature have always been fond of eating and treating their guests. At dinner parties or simply at home Russians have always tried to treat their guests with wide varieties of different meals and traditional Russian delicacies. It is considered the honor of the hostess to dazzle the guests with the art of culinary. Therefore, only occasionally the Russians dined out at the restaurants. However, all through Russia in general and Moscow in particular there always has been a developed net of fine restaurants.

Places for Eating-out in Russia

Where can a person go in Russia if he or she would like to have lunch or dinner? There are a lot of places for eating-out in our country.

Hotels, for example, can have a restaurant serving Russian food, a bar or a buffet. All these places are open to residents and to non-residents too. They sell cold meat, boiled eggs, salads, bread, pastries, etc. in buffets. Tea, coffee, soft and alcoholic drinks are offered in hotel bars. Restaurants usually serve breakfast from around 8 to 10, lunch from around 12 to 14, dinner from around 6 to 10 p.m. Hotels can have state-run restaurants and privately run restaurants. Privately run restaurants are usually very expensive, but they serve a wide variety of dishes including Russian, French and Italian cuisine.

Going to any of the restaurants you can make a reservation beforehand. You will be served by a waiter and welcomed till late at night.

A café in Russia can be anything from an ice cream parlour (салон) to an elegant small restaurant. It always concentrates on a limited menu and serves pizza, hot sausages, pelmeni, the odd salad and sweet dishes. Cafes are often cheaper than restaurants, but they open and close earlier.  

The so-called "Stolovaya" is the common person's eatery. It is the cheapest eating-out place in our country. Stolovaya usually offers a small choice of meat or fish or meatballs, soup, boiled vegetables, bread, tea and coffee.

Those who are fond of ice cream are always welcomed in ice-cream parlours. A great variety of Russian and imported production is served there. People can eat ice cream even in freezing weather in these parlours.

The so-called "snack shops" are becoming more and more popular nowadays in Russia. They can be found almost everywhere: around parks and markets, on streets, near railway and bus stations. Snack shops are very cheap and sell one or two items and drinks. They are often stand-up places. There are different kinds of snack shops. Some of them serve open sandwiches. Others offer deep-fried meat or vegetable turnovers (pirozhki). Sausages with bread and mustard, Georgian or Armenian spicy deep-fried pies (cheburecki) and meat kebabs (shashlyk) are also sold in snack shops.


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