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The current financial market is macroeconomic integrity which encourages financial flows and reduces costs in the formation of supply and demand for financial services and promotes the distribution and redistribution of assets. It is important to note the presence of at least three approaches in determining the existing conceptual...



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Background. The current financial market is macroeconomic integrity which encourages financial flows and reduces costs in the formation of supply and demand for financial services, and promotes the distribution and redistribution of assets. It is important to note the presence of at least three approaches in determining the existing conceptual approaches to the development of the financial market. There are astronomical, historical, civilizational and methodological approaches. The basis of astronomical, historical and civilizational approaches is the time dimension, which is inappropriate to consider the main cause of the emergence methods of knowledge system events and categories in the national economy.

Review of scientific sources. Examining the most qualitative changes in the methodology by which evaluated the results of economic development in the late XX century, it is clear that the most important achievement in the financial market in the last century not necessarily have the appropriate extension. We must recognize that even the most successful conceptual positions on macroeconomic development not extrapolated to future scenarios of financial economics. Direct application successfully proven scientific achievements of past eras in modern conditions often suffer fiasco.

Materials and Methods. The article used a combination of methods and approaches that allow implementing the conceptual unity of research, namely the dialectical method of scientific knowledge, methods of synthesis and comparative method, system and institutional approaches.

Results. The financial sector both in national and global dimension provides system and communicative aspect (this means launching market mechanisms supported by state regulatory influences). Exactly financial economics and its components such as financial markets form the appropriate synergy. Financial processes are sufficiently dynamic and as a result the imbalance in any sector or segment can quickly spread to the entire macroeconomic system. However, intensification of globalization causes new forms and instruments of financial existence. System disclosure of the essential basic categorical structures, primarily in the financial economy in terms of increasing globalization impacts, allowed generalizing the whole conglomerate of structural segments.

The modern economy demonstrates withdrawal of financial transactions from real economic development that beyond any doubt, leads to isolation accumulation of financial capital from forming real. These processes are increasingly conditioned by the release of financial markets beyond the monetary dimension. Excess spread of financialisation has caused a number of contradictions that became apparent in crisis phenomena. It is clear that, on the one hand, the financial market should be an engine of economic dynamics, on the other hand, there is a situation in which such function of the financial market as promote transformation of savings into real investments are not fully implemented.

Conclusions. The system of state regulation of financial markets has changed continuously with the same dynamics as financial market develops. The criterion of adequacy the financial sector of management and market regulation is modernization process associated with the transition to a new level of the economy. Therefore, government regulation is gradually becoming not only an outside line of regulatory impact, but also an organic component of the economy. Exactly financial market creates a synergy, namely the processes of integration as a condition of their organic combination and development. From timeliness, efficiency and accuracy of the state decisions to financial market development and integrated coordination of actions of its subjects depends on the effectiveness of macroeconomic processes.

Keywords: financial market, institutional architectonics, globalization, macroeconomic processes.


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