Japanese culture


Культурология и искусствоведение

Japanese culture is very unique. With the Japanese as everything else. They are in the paramount prestige of the organization which employs the Japanese above all else respect the interests of the common cause. In Japanese culture workaholism goes beyond all permissible limits so in recent years most companies have started to closely...



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1.      Japanese culture is very unique. Throughout the world, people are also active, but priority for them is a fast career growth and personal prestige. With the Japanese as everything else. They are in the paramount prestige of the organization, which employs the Japanese above all else respect the interests of the common cause. Much of the population of Japan was willing to spend the whole day at work all year round, if only physical abilities allow.

2.    In Japanese culture, workaholism goes beyond all permissible limits, so in recent years, most companies have started to closely monitor the observance of the norms of working time. The Japanese are not allowed to stay at work overtime. Also in this country, one can not go on deserved vacation.

    In the public culture of Japan is given great importance to maintain a good psychological climate in the workforce.

    Japanese culture does not accept that the man was under the command of a woman. In the event that the fair sex is the boss in any company, the entire labor collective, who is in her submission, consists of women.

  3.  In addition to hard work, the Japanese national distinguish such qualities as devotion to duty, discipline, respect for elders accentuated as age, and on to its position in the community or at work. Criticisms chief officer of any Japanese company will humbly and even with gratitude. Contradict leadership etiquette Japan does not allow.

4.     Surrendering implicit in Japanese culture, manifested in everything, starting with the mannerisms in humans. During a conversation with people, older age or social status, Japanese takes a humble posture, lowering his eyes. This submissive posture, according to etiquette in Japan is regarded as a demonstration of respect. So do not be surprised if during a trip to Japan, notice that all of you are talking with downcast eyes in the land - it is a basic respect for the guest. Japanese culture does not accept the emancipation of gestures such as greeting hand flapping, hugs at the meeting, pat on the back, etc. If the Japanese want to show friendly attitude and respect, they make easy bow.

5.     To be Japanese-baby - it's just a fairy tale. Until the age of six children everything is permitted, adults throughout their pet. But despite this, the Japanese never grow sissy and idlers: apparently, the main thing in education - it's still a good example of parents.

6.     Etiquette Japan is somewhat similar to the American. In the land of the rising sun just is not accepted complain about life. Japanese accustomed from childhood to be hardy, strong spirit and patient. Personal difficulties in this country, everyone decides on their own. Another similarity with the etiquette of the United States - it is a habit of the Japanese constantly smiling. Etiquette dictates Japan to bring smiles to others, even when the soul at the very sad and gloomy. Smile in this country is also a sign of respect for the other person.

7.    Etiquette in Japan to play a special role. During a trip to Japan, you can often be found in public places Inscription calling be polite. Here is an example of one of these slogans: "People, the only thing you have to obey this kind and polite!".

     Needless to say, all Japanese are polite and helpful. If you're in Japan, will be able to appreciate it when communicating with the staff of hotels, with waiters and administrators restaurants, taxi drivers, vendors, etc.

    Communication etiquette in Japan prohibits even a slight increase in tone during interpersonal communication. During the conversation educated Japanese are trying to smooth rough edges, with special attention to listen to every word companion, refrain from strict judgment.

8.      A feature of Japanese etiquette of communication is to avoid the word "No". Even abandoning proposed a cup of tea, Japanese do not say, "No thanks!", He will carry this thought vaguely, Saying something like, "Thank you, but I'm fine without it!".

    To establish contact in Japan is customary to exchange business cards. Such an exchange for the Japanese - it's almost ceremony. Business cards are accepted, and certainly served with both hands. Received a business card, you can not just stick it in your pocket - Japanese etiquette requires a careful study of it in front of the person who gave it to you. It bears an expression of admiration of the business card or information which it is registered. Please note: The more time you spend on the consideration of business cards, so, according to Japanese etiquette, more humble you express to present it. On a visit to Japan.

 9.    In case during a trip to Japan, you will be invited to visit the house, remember the basic rules of etiquette Japanese guest. Entering the house, you find yourself in the lobby (which in Japan is called "chenkan"), where you will be greeted hostess.

    At a meeting with her, according to the rules of Japanese etiquette, you should apologize for having disturbed her with a visit. Hostess in turn will bring you an apology for something that takes you into his home so modestly. Only after these mutual apology will take you to exchange greetings, wishes of good health, peace and wealth of the house. After a lengthy welcome hostess finally offer you a pass.

    But before we go into the room in a Japanese home, according to the rules of etiquette, you should change the shoes to slippers, leaving street shoes in the hallway.

     In the room in which a Japanese house welcome guests, usually carpeted floor mats, so you will need to take off our shoes before entering into it and walk in socks or tabi (socks fabric with a compartment for the thumb).

     Multiple change shoes when visiting home in Japan - is also a kind of ritual. Change shoes symbolizes the crossing of the border between the big outside world and the world of small cozy home.


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