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I never done before like most kind of sports and I looking for someone who like to live life do what ever the day will be up to. Desire to perceive the world desire to create and desire to love - these are constituents of my life. I love my profession but family means a lot to me too.



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Примеры коротких рассказов о себе на английском языке

I am very big hearted, witty, caring, intuitive, passionate, creative, extreme tenderness, loads of giggling, sensual and classy.

I'm 30 y.o, blond with blue eye, living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I'm openminded, love to do things I never done before, like most kind of sports and I looking for someone who like to live life, do what ever the day will be up to.

I'm divorced, but I don't have kids. I work as a teacher and I want to become psychologist.

I'm Libra by horoscope, maybe that's why I'm kind, open-minded, emotional, tender, loving and cheerful.

I am a kind, nice, honest and warm woman. I like books, film, music, theather, travels, good food, the outdoors, the sea, horses and more. If this sounds interesting, write to me.

I'm an outgoing lady with likable looks, giving heart, and fearsome shrewedness. Taming the shrewed is what it takes to enjoy the looks and win the heart. Plus the game is 'All or nothing'. I have a lot to share with the right guy... could be -- the rest of my life [ain't I generous]

I am a creative person. I am a pretty, honest and bright girl. I am very sensitive, talented and original. I've got well-developed sense of taste and style. My imagination helps me to perceive the world. Desire to perceive the world, desire to create and desire to love - these are constituents of my life. I've got higher artistic education. I am an artist-designer by profession.

I think I am romantic, affectionate, reliable, sincere, open, resourrceful, eager, witty, warm. For my long-term relation I could be charming and friendly, funny and serious. If we feel that our hearts beet together we'll do anything that we dream about. I do appretiate open and warm relations. I am an Orthodox Christian, but not a fanatic, it just helps me to answer some of the questions life brings.

I love my profession but family means a lot to me too. I love nice dresses, nice shoes, but more importanrt is to help if somebody around needs it. I try to combine being a weak lady and a strong person. If I succeed in it or not you can estimate at a closer contact.

I am an unusually russian women: confident in myself, eager. I have my own flat in the center of town (Moscow) and good car, and dog (because I like animals). But I am passionate, temping and very seductive!!

I am attractive, sharming, kind and honest with a great sence of humor, educated and well-mannered.

I have a good heart, I am a romantic woman, loyal, sincere woman. My personality is quiet, stable, introspective, calm, honest. My dream to have a loving family. I am willing to travel across any sea to find true love. I need to belong to one man in the deep blue sea of love I am loving and caring. Somebody was saying, that an ideal woman should be "like a chef in the kitchen, a lady in the society, and loving in bed". I agree. I try that my glamour and femininity should reflect around my home in the street in the society. My life is happy, but the missing ingredient is the sharing of love with a true life's partner.

I am a cheerful, sociable and sincere person. My friends say that I'm a glamorous and interesting woman. I'm a great dreamer. I believe that life will help me to find my only man. I'd like to meet with serious, honest man for start family.

I am caring, tender, emotional but at the same time very purposeful and hard-working.

What else? I am open-minded, funny and a little fidgety. I like to be loved and like give love in return.

I am loving, caring and loyal. I enjoy simple things in life: family, loving husband and a nice job. I like flowers and would like to have a greenhouse one day. My favourite ones are poppies, tender, fragile and sensitive as I am. The only thing I dream of is to meet a man who is dermined to get married and create a family. Who acts rather than says.

I am different. I am calm, curious, romantic person. My friends say I am glamorous. Also I am tolerant and reasonable, sociable and easy-going.

I'd like to tell you some words about myself. I'm 21 and I'm a teacher of English. To tell the truth I love children and I'll open you my little secret, they love me very much.

What about my character, I'm full of life person and I have many friends. But I need my only man who will love me and whom I'll be able to give all my feelings.

I think I'm good-natured, kind, careing, loving, cheerful, optimistic, creative and sociable. Personal relationships are very important to me. I hate being alone and hurting other people.

I like LOTS of things - I like to socialize as it helps me to understand life and other people better, I like travelling as it broads my outlook, I like kind and sincere people, animals, different types of music, sinema, theatre, watching sporting events. I love spending time with small children and I'm interested in psychology.

My friends say I'm tender, understanding, natural, cheerful, kind and honest.I feel comfortable in jeans and in night gown as well.

I am romantic, sociable, gentle.My friendsconsider me to be glamorous, open, confident in myself. I adore communicating with people.I am rather eager person, thats why I prefer active lifestyle. Besides, I am very curious so I always try to know something new.

I am an open, kind, honest, sincere, cheerful, loyal, sensual and romantic girl. I like and appriciate humour, I am an easy-going, like animals and children. My philosophy is to be kind to yourself and those around you.

To tell many good words about yourself is not very modest & I don`t like doing it because people see us from another angel but I can say that I am purposeful & industrious & trying to be reasonable. I can`t say that I am shy & modest but tactful.

It's true that I am cheerful & sociable, full of energy & very active. The most boring thing for me is to watch TV doing nothing so I am always looking for some activities as I am very curious & like studing.

I love nature & am very romantic. It`s very romantic for me to walk in the forest after the rain. Besides i like winter & I think this season is the most romantic & glamorous.How wonderful these flakes of snow!!!

So in the bottom of my heart I am sentimental & sensual, affectionate & sincere, kind & tender.

I think I don`t bore you. So it`s me!!!

I am just looking for a friendly pesron, nice & kind.

What about me? Well... I am an usual Russian girl, live & work, also can`t live without sport!!! I love swimming, gym & stuff like that! I live with parents (temporary)& respect them, I have 2 nephews, love them, I understand how difficalt to raise children!!!! But of course in spite of that I am going to have my own!!! some day! well this is practically all I wanted to say! I try to live life to its fullest!

I am crazy about sport, swimming, I like to visit my friends also! going out!

It is difficult to describe myself. I think I am tender, reliable, honest (evenif the true is not good), a bit modest,... sociable and love communicating. I am frank and natural, candid. May be a bit perseving,... creative (sometimes when I have a good mood I write verses), witty- I meanI like jokes - not that offend people, but merry ons. I am sensual. I am curiose and love new things. I am intense and passionate :))))))

I am open, easy going person.

I am a calm and affectionate, very reliable and quite confident, really generous and reasonable, creative and tolerant women

I am a girl of 19. I am a student. I am very emotionaol, sensual, intense, quick-tempered, very creative person. I have very extra-ordinary interests. And I want to find somebody, who can share them with me. I am very fond of travelling, especially in hot exotic countries.

I am very energetic; I am non-smoker and dislike alcohol. I have a great sense of humor and happy person most of the time. I am a very good at getting people to laugh and look at the bright side of things. I am faithful, reliable, kind care, tender.

I like cooking, knitting, animals, nature, plants, and flowers. I also enjoy travel and cultural activities. I am a student of Technical University of Kherson, I am taking economy and finances, it is very interesting to me, I also go in for sports and learn English.

I began these research just recently as I know that Ukrainian men for the most part do not possess the kind of qualities that are most important to me and in addition they like drinking and waste their life-time. My ambition is to create a strong happy family building up on mutual understanding, love and happy.

What can i tell about myself? I'm romantic girl, tender and caring. Sometimes I think that I'm too modest, sometimes not, it depends on my mood. I can say that I'm open-minded, creative person.

I like painting, music, drawing, travelling. I'm a friendly girl and I hope I will find many interesting people with a help of Internet.

I am a beautiful young lady with greeen eyes and full of vital energy. i don't think life is hard thing, it is just great and full of interesting things. and , what is important - i am descoverer in this field.

I am well-educated and intelligent woman. I am sicere, kind, open-minded with great sense of humour

I'm charming, have a good sense of humor, I'm realy energetic and enthusiastic. I like getting new experience, meeting new people. I'm pretty comunicative and rather natural. My numerous friends say that I'm realy reliable, sociable, understanding; and I try to help everyone in difficult minute of life. I'm realy gentle, caring and passionate when I fall in love.

And if I get the same response I can give all my sincere love in exchange.


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