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Wholesaling is a part of the marketing system. It provides channels of distribution which help to bring goods to the market. Generally indirect channels are used to market manufactured consumer goods. It could be from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, from the retailer to the consumer or through more complicated channels.



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Lesson 11


Wholesaling is a part of the marketing system. It provides channels of distribution which help to bring goods to the market. Generally indirect channels are used to market manufactured consumer goods. It could be from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, from the retailer to the consumer or through more complicated channels. A direct channel moves goods from the manufacturer or producer to the consumer.

Wholesaling is often a field of small business, but there is a growing chain movement in the western countries. About a quarter of wholesaling units account for one-third of total sales.

Two-thirds of the wholesaling middlemen are merchant wholesalers who take title to the goods they deal in. There are also agent middlemen who negotiate purchases or sales or both. They don't take title to the goods they deal in. Sometimes they take possession though. These agents don't earn salaries. They receive commissions. This is a percentage of the value of the goods they sell.

Wholesalers simplify the process of distribution. For example, the average supermarket stocks 5,000 items in groceries alone, a retail druggist can have more than 6,000 items. As a wholesaler handles a large assortment of items from numerous manufacturers he reduces the problem of both manufacturer and retailer. The store-keeper does not have to deal directly with thousands of different people. He usually has a well-stocked store and deals with only a few wholesalers.

Active Vocabulary


оптовая торговля

to provide channels

обеспечивать системой (сбыта)

indirect channels

непрямая, опосредованная система сбыта

complicated channels

сложная система сбыта


розничный торговец

chain movement

движение к объединению

wholesale unit

(зд.) контора по оптовой торговле

total sales

совокупная продажа


посредник, комиссионер

merchant wholesaler

оптовый скупщик

wholesaling middleman

оптовый посредник

to take title to the goods

приобретать товар как собственность

agent middleman

посредник между производителем и покупателем

to negotiate purchases or sales

вести переговоры по поводу купли или продажи

to earn salary

зарабатывать жалование

to receive commissions

получать комиссионные (процент от продажи)


бакалейная торговля

to handle

управлять; торговать (амер.)



Comprehension Questions

  1.  What is the aim of the wholesaling?
  2.  How can you describe a direct channel of distribution?
  3.  What is an indirect channel of distribution?
  4.  What channel of distribution is preferable?
  5.  Is there any difference between a merchant wholesaler and an agent middleman? What is this difference?
  6.  How does a wholesaler simplify the process of distribution?
  7.  What would a retailer have to do without wholesalers?

Vocabulary Practice

Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence.

  1.  They use both direct and indirect … of distribution.
  1.  wholesalers
  1.  Agent middlemen do not ... to the goods they deal in.
  1.  take title
  1.  Usually a wholesaling ... stands between the producer and the retailer.
  1.  retailer
  1.  A supermarket may ... thousands of commission items.
  1.  stock
  1.  Usually a wholesaler handles a large … of items of numerous manufacturers.
  1.  channels
  1.  Agent middlemen don't earn salaries, they … .
  1.  assortment
  1.  A wholesaler doesn't deal with the customer, a … does.
  1.  receive commissions
  1.  … simplify the problems of manufacturers.
  1.  middleman


John is explaining his new job to his wife, Susan. He is a sales trainee for a company.


It's a great job, you know. The salesmen are paid salaries instead of being on commission.


Why do you find it great? You can earn less money.


Well, it's a regular weekly salary. And besides we get reimbursed for everything: lunches and dinners even the football tickets, the car, gasoline, and tolls.


That's really great.


And I'm going to get a raise in three months.


And what are you going to sell?


Foam rubber.


What is it used for?


It is used to make couches and beds, generally ideal with furniture manufacturers.


So you will travel much, won't you?


No. Delivery is a part of our wholesaling operation. Foam is sold and delivered by the truckloads. It is rather bulky and it is expensive to have it shipped to a big distance. We are going to deal with buyers who are in this region.


That's fine. I don't want you to travel too much. By the way, I want to know more about sales procedure.


At first I go to see a buyer. We discuss what he needs. After that I send him a written quotation. If our prices suit him, he'll call us and send an order.


Do you take orders over the phone?


Yes. The buyers are always in a hurry and a letter would take too much time to come. If it's a verbal agreement we call it gentlemen's agreement.


And what happens after the verbal agreement?


We receive a written purchase order. It is called p.o. and it has a number that we use for all future correspondence on that order. The office then retypes the order form and the p.o. and order form are stapled together and filed.


It sounds organized. Whom do you usually deal with in a company?


Well, I deal with purchasing agents. But I could deal with any administrator from the president on down, in some cases.


Good. Soon you'll get your raise.


Yes. Selling is usually a stepping stone to higher positions in management.


Don't worry, dear. If it doesn't work out, we still have my job.

Active Vocabulary

sales trainee

стажёр по торговле

to be on commission

получать комиссионные от продажи

to reimburse

возмещать, восполнять

to get a raise

получить повышение


пошлина, плата за услуги


назначение цены



gentlemen's agreement

джентльменское соглашение

verbal agreement

устное соглашение

purchase order (p.o.)

заказ на покупку

to deliver


to staple

сшивать скобами (бумаги)

to file

регистрировать документы; подшивать к делу, архивировать; хранить в определенном порядке

stepping stone

средство достижения цели

Vocabulary Practice

Exercise 1. Change the sentences according to the model.

Model: When did they want to reimburse for our expenses? (I don't remember).

I don't remember when they wanted to reimburse for our expenses.

  1.  How will you get a raise? (They don't care).
  2.  When did they send you the purchase order? (I don't know).
  3.  Who are the purchasing agents? (I can't recall).
  4.  Why didn't they get verbal agreement? (I'll try to find out).
  5.  Did they staple and file the p.o.? (I don't know).
  6.  How large is the sales region? (They don't care).
  7.  How much is the toll? (It doesn't matter).
  8.  When will she get commission? (She doesn't know).

Exercise 2. Make up the conditional sentences.

Model: consult the middleman/he – smart

If he were smart, he would consult the middleman.

  1.  be a wholesaling middleman/he interested
  2.  work for themselves/men independent
  3.  earn a good salary/he happy
  4.  use direct channels/business successful
  5.  have the secretary do it/she there
  6.  handle it well/he fail
  7.  order it next month/I – rich

Exercise 3. Answer the questions.

  1.  Would you like to be on commission?
    1.  What expenses do you get reimbursed for at your job?
    2.  What factors do you need to get a raise?
    3.  Why isn't a verbal agreement always sufficient?
    4.  What would you prefer to be: a wholesaler or a retailer?
    5.  What is a stepping stone to higher positions in your business?

Translate into English.

  1.  Оптовая торговля – важный элемент рыночной системы.
  2.  Товары идут от оптового посредника к потребителю через розничного торговца.
  3.  Непрямая система сбыта боле предпочтительна.
  4.  Оптовые скупщики приобретают товар.
  5.  Посредник получает проценты от продажи.
  6.  Посредник обычно ведёт переговоры по поводу купли или продажи.
  7.  В этом магазине хороший ассортимент товаров.
  8.  Менеджер по маркетингу скоро получит повышение.
  9.  Мы вынуждены дорого платить за доставку.
  10.  Наша фирма возмещает нам расходы за обеды и проезд.
  11.  Это было джентльменское соглашение.


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