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A great number of innovations and adaptations are designed produced and marketed by small businesses. But it happens very often that market research hasn’t been done carefully. Why are innovations and adaptations manufactured and marketed by small businesses 5.



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Lesson 9


The number of new products coming into the market of western countries every year is overwhelming. The major part of these products is not new, but adaptations. It means that these products are not new, they are existing items to which a modification has been made. Only few products are really original or innovations. For instance, a clock-television is an adaptation, but the TV-set itself, the refrigerator – each was an innovation. A great number of innovations and adaptations are designed, produced and marketed by small businesses. Very often a new product is formed on the basis of the new business. Sometimes there is a patent to make the business more successful. But it happens very often that market research hasn't been done carefully.

Even in case larger scale producers do more research and testing there is no sure success. The promising new product may be also robbed of success by unreasonable prices, inadequate promotion and poor selling methods. Generally less than one fifth of all new products turn out to be profitable.

Active Vocabulary

product development

развитие производства


что-либо переделанное, приспособленное


модификация, видоизменение


нововведение, новшество



large scale producer

крупный производитель

promising product

перспективный продукт

unreasonable price

неразумная цена


недостаточный, не соответствующий требованиям

Comprehension Questions

1. How can you explain the term "adaptation"?

2. What is an innovation?

3. Give your own examples of innovations and adaptations.

4. Why are innovations and adaptations manufactured and marketed by small businesses?

5. Why is it so important to obtain a patent?

6. Why does the failure of a new product take place?

Vocabulary Practice

Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence.

1. Though market research tries to predict the trends, there is no sure ... .

  1.  adaptation

2. This product isn't original, it is an ... .

  1.  innovation

3. A ... office receives applications from many young inventors.

  1.  inadequate

4. If the price is ... the product won't be sold out.

  1.  patent

5. The clock-television is an adaptation but the television itself is an ... .

  1.  failure

6. If a sure ... is stopped, money and time can be saved.

  1.  success

7. They failed because of ... promotion campaign.

  1.  unreasonable


Dick and Jack are having lunch. Dick is Vice President in charge of Product Development, Jack is Vice President in charge of the Legal Department.


How are the things?


Great. We are busy with a new line of clock-television.


Sounds interesting. Are you going to apply for a patent soon?


Yes, we are. We are preparing the necessary papers now.


And what did the Market Research say by the way?


They think there is fair market for the product at the moment but it will take a few years to catch on.


I see. We'll have to turn a good promotional campaign.


Without doubt.


Well, it will be our advantage to have the patent on it as well. You have decided on the size, haven't you?


We'll start with a small screen model. It will have a wake-up button and a go-to-sleep button with timers. Market Research says that the automatic go-to-sleep button may be a big selling point.


Yes. The idea of a set that turns itself off is great. To tell you the truth, I'm always falling asleep in the middle of the show. Now it can be done.


Well. In future we'll probably expand the line to include different size screens and colour.


That's good.


I think we are close to a big success.


That is why we must be very careful. Before we begin to market television we must fulfill the most complete testing


You are right.


What about the pricing? Has it been worked out?


Not completely. Market Research Department says we can't have too high a price on this kind of item.


It's evident we must be very careful. Maybe this time consumers will really surprise us.


Let's hope for the best.

Active Vocabulary

to apply for a patent

подать заявление на патент

fair market

(зд.) благоприятные рыночные условия

to catch on

стать модным

to be a big selling point

быть притягательным для покупателей

to fulfill the testing

завершить исследование

to market


Vocabulary Practice

Exercise 1. Change the sentences according to the model.

Model: We must fulfill complete testing.

Complete testing must be fulfilled.

  1.  They must expand the line.
  2.  You could apply for a patent.
  3.  They should work out the details.
  4.  I must develop a new trend.
  5.  We should design a line of clock-television.
  6.  You should research the market.

Exercise 2. Answer the questions:

  1.  Why is it so important for a producer to apply for a patent?
    1.  How much time does it usually take for a new product to catch on?
    2.  What is a big selling point of the items that you produce?
    3.  In what way can a consumer surprise the producer?
    4.  Would you like to produce something original or an adaptation? Explain why.
    5.  What are the conditions of a successful product development?
    6.  For what products are the market conditions fair in Ukraine?

Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1. Make the sentences negative.

  1.  I will have the drawings prepared very soon.
  2.  It will take much time to catch on.
  3.  I am sure this thing will be the biggest selling point.
  4.  They will run a good advertising company.
  5.  They will make a new modification of electronic watch.
  6.  This price will be inadequate.

Exercise 2. Put 4 questions of different types to each sentence (general, special, alternative, disjunctive).

  1.  They will influence the consumer to buy their automobiles.
  2.  Their products will be available in every shop.
  3.  The company will start their promotion campaign very soon.
  4.  Our bank will make a loan to this corporation.
  5.  They will need a lawyer to form their business.
  6.  I will consult my partner.

Translate into English.

  1.  Этот продукт – модификация старого.
  2.  Мелкие производители выпускают большое количество товаров.
  3.  Вам необходимо получить патент на производство данного товара.
  4.  Тщательное исследование рынка необходимо, чтобы гарантировать успех.
  5.  Потребуется пять лет на то, чтобы наш продукт завоевал признание.
  6.  Отключающее устройство с таймеромименно то, что привлечёт потребителя.
  7.  Надо завершить все исследования, прежде чем мы начнём продавать наш продукт.
  8.  Нам необходимо расширить линию.


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