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Accounting shows a financial picture of the firm. An accounting department records and measures the activity of a business. It reports on the effects of the transactions on the firm’s financial condition. Accounting records give a very important data. It is used by management, stockholders, creditors, independent analysts, banks and government.



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Lesson 6


Accounting shows a financial picture of the firm. An accounting department records and measures the activity of a business. It reports on the effects of the transactions on the firm's financial condition. Accounting records give a very important data. It is used by management, stockholders, creditors, independent analysts, banks and government.

Most businesses prepare regularly the two types of records. That is the income statement and balance sheet. These statements show how money was received and spent by the company.

One major tool for the analysis of accounting records is ratio analysis. A ratio analysis is the relationship of two figures. In finance we operate with three main categories of ratios. One ratio deals with profitability, for example, the Return on Investment Ratio. It is used as a measure of a firm's operating efficiency.

The second set of ratios deals with assets and liabilities. It helps a company to evaluate its current financial position. The third set of ratios deals with the overall financial structure of the company. It analyses the value of the ownership of the firm.

Active Vocabulary


бухгалтерский учёт

a record

документ, запись, протокол

to record

записывать, регистрировать

to measure



сделка, банковская операция

firm's financial condition

финансовое положение фирмы

to provide data

обеспечивать данными





income statement

отчёт о доходах

balance sheet

балансовый отчёт

to receive


to spend


ratio analysis

анализ коэффициентов



Return on Investment Ratio

коэффициент возвращения инвестиций


эффективность, производительность

to evaluate



ценность, стоимость



overall financial structure

полная финансовая структура

Comprehension Questions

  1.  What is the purpose of accounting?
  2.  Who uses the data provided by accounting firms?
  3.  What are the 2 types of records, which most businesses prepare?
  4.  What can you know analyzing the income statement and balance sheet of a company?
  5.  What is the purpose of the ratio analysis?
  6.  What categories of ratios in finance do you know?

Vocabulary Practice

Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence.

  1.  Accounting helps … the activity of a business.
  1.  profit (v)
  1.  Do you know the effect of your last … on financial condition of the firm?
  1.  profit (n)
  1.  Accounting records provide … for stockholders, independent analysts.
  1.  efficiency
  1.  The second type of ratio helps the company to … its current financial position.
  1.  ownership
  1.  … is one of the two main records which most of the businesses prepare regularly.
  1.  to evaluate
  1.  The … of the company includes real estate in California.
  1.  transaction
  1.  I am sure of the … of this transaction.
  1.  data
  1.  Our company's current … is very high.
  1.  income statement
  1.  They … from the association with that corporation.
  1.  measure


Peter and Karen work in a large company. They are having dinner in the company café.


Hi, Karen. Glad to meet you. You looked very busy this morning. There were so many statements on your table.


Oh, Peter, this is the end of the year. The accounting department is very busy.


I know. We are all very busy, totaling accounts. But I've already turned in the report on my department.




So, how's business?


I don't know everything. I am busy with some records and statements. I don't have the whole picture. But I think the company is doing very well.


I am sure of it. We have to keep our creditors and investors happy.


Well, the balance sheet and profit and loss statement are ready. It is the end of the fiscal year. So everybody can check out the assets and liabilities, net worth and profit position of the company in the financial statements.


Do you work with the pay checks?


Why are you asking?


I thought you could explain to me the big difference between my gross pay and my net take-home pay.


The explanation takes only one word – taxes. Actually the salaries are done through the computer.




Sure. We can't handle any volume in a large company without computers.


You are right. Thank you for very interesting information.


Oh, it's my pleasure. Let's go to get some dessert.

Active Vocabulary

accounting department

бухгалтерский отдел

to total accounts

суммировать счета

to turn in the report

сдать отчёт





profit and loss statement

отчёт по прибыли и убыткам

assets and liabilities

актив и пассив

net worth

а) стоимость имущества за вычетом обязательств; б) собственный капитал

financial statement

финансовый отчёт

pay check

платёжный чек


валовый, брутто

gross pay

плата без вычетов


чистый, нетто

net pay

плата с вычетами





fiscal year

фискальный (бюджетный) год

Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1. Give answers to the questions following the model.

Can you turn in the report in time? – No, I can't turn in the report but I could when I worked in the other department.

  1.  Can they check the assets and liabilities?
  2.  Can you keep the investors and creditors happy?
  3.  Can you explain the difference between gross pay and net take-home pay?
  4.  Can he compute the taxes?
  5.  Can we prepare profit and loss statement?
  6.  Can the company pay the salaries in time?
  7.  Can you operate the computer?

Exercise 2. Imagine that you work as an accountant in a big enterprise. Answer the following questions.

  1.  Do you total the accounts at the end of the fiscal year?
  2.  What are your usual activities at the end of the fiscal year?
  3.  When do you prepare a financial statement?
  4.  Why should you have more assets than liabilities?
  5.  Does the accounting department work on taxes?
  6.  What is the difference between your gross salary and net salary?
  7.  Is the difference between gross salary and net salary big in his country? What does the difference depend on?

Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1. Make the sentence negative.

  1.  An accounting department reported on the effects of the transactions.
  2.  They studied carefully income statement and balance sheet.
  3.  We used ratio analysis to determine the firm's operating efficiency.
  4.  The accountants checked the assets and liabilities.
  5.  The accounting department provided data for the management.

Exercise 2. Put up 4 questions of different type.

The accounting department regularly prepared the income statement and balance sheet.

  1.  Did the accounting department regularly prepare the income statement and balance sheet?
  2.  What did the accounting department regularly prepare?
  3.  The accounting department regularly prepared the income statement and balance sheet, didn't it?
  4.  Did the accounting department prepare the income statement or a financial statement?
  5.  The board of directors checked out assets, liabilities and net worth.
  6.  He worked as a Comptroller of the company for two years.
  7.  The applicants sent their resumes and letters of interest.
  8.  She used to do books in a big company.
  9.  Some governmental corporations issued stock certificate.

Translate into English.

  1.  Бухгалтерский учёт представляет данные для кредиторов и вкладчиков.
  2.  Они готовят отчёт о доходах и балансовый отчёт в конце финансового года.
  3.  Мы определяем эффективность производства с помощью анализа коэффициентов.
  4.  Недвижимость является собственностью корпораций.
  5.  Мы проверим актив и пассив, определим стоимость имущества за вычетом обязательств.
  6.  Мы платим большие налоги.
  7.  Сколько ты получаешь без вычетов?


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