Медицина и ветеринария

Over-the-counter nonpre-scription drugs enable people to handle minor medical problems without spending money or time consulting a doctor. However many people waste money on drugs that do not help their specific condition or that may even do more harm than good. As medical science becomes more and more sophisticated people...



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Diseases and treatments can be categorized in several ways: by their cause, by the system of the body affected, by severity, by the usual form of treatment, by the likelihood of recurrence, or by the expected outcome^

People notice changes in their bodies which they associate with illnesses. These are called symptoms. The most clearly recognizable symptom is pain. Ja. pain in the stomach may indicate simple indigestion or a more serious ailment such as an ulcer or dysenteryfA headache is associated with colds, the flu, and head injuries while a pain in me chest may be a warning of a heart attack or lung trouble.

'Fever is another symptom of ill health. Normal body temperture is 98,6 when measured on the Fahrenheit scale or 36.6° Centigrade on the Celsius thermometer. A temperature higher than normal noicates that the body is fighting_a_ disease.

Other symptoms of a disease include coughing and bleeding. A cough may be dry or it may produce a lot of phlegm or sputum. It is associated with ailments of the throat, chest, and lungs. Bleeding may be severe as in a hemorrhage or minimal as with a small abrasion or cut.

Fainting and dizziness are other symptoms that something is wrong. They may. indicate jjow red blood cell count, ц. condition known as anemj^jjr they_ may be a symptom of a concussion or the injury to the brain. f1_Nausea and vomiting are associated with stomach and intestinal disorders such as the flu, food poisoning, or dysenter^1 Chest pain or a congested feeling can be a symptom of heart trouble while sweating, itching, and rashes are skin manifestations of problems such as allergies, or even cancer.

Sometimes a patient's various symptoms fit together and form what is called a syndrome, a group of symptoms that collectively indicate the presence of a particular disease or condition.

Substances prescribed or recommended to treat illness are called drugs or are often called "miracle drugs" because of their ability toVbfiiig rapid improvement and quick cures с Penicillin, a well-known antibiotic-,inhibits the growth of disease-producing microorganisms.

Narcotic drugs such as codeine and morphine can be obtained only with a prescription. They are addictive and thus can be used only in restricted dosages.

Other familiar drags include digitalis (which help strengthen the failing heart), anticoagulants (which prevent blood clots), and diuretics (which help remove excessive fluid from the bod^). Insulin is used in the treatment of diabetes.

Many other drugs that do not require a doctor's prescription are available in pharmacies (drugstores). One, of the most well-known and widely used is aspirin. ^A^pjnn^ha&long^ been "Йкен to relieve pain and reduce inflammation and fever. However, in recent years, a valuable new use for it has been dis-

covered. Many patients with heart conditions take aspirin on a daily basis because its blood-thinning properties lower the risk of a heart attack.

Many other over-the-counter medications are used (and often overused) by the general public, including laxatjvesjto relieve constipatip.nXtranquilizers, sedatives, sleeping pills, and pep pills (stimulants). Over-the-counter (nonpre-scription) drugs enable people to handle minor medical problems without spending money or time consulting a doctor. However, many people waste money on drugs that do not help their specific condition or that may even do more harm than good.

As medical science becomes more and more sophisticated, people live longer and develop more chronic and debilitating conditions that require medical treatment. In highly industrialized societies, pollution has created an increase in allergic and other conditions that require medical care. The challenge of modern medicine is to meet the changing medical needs of the society in which people have very high (sometimes unreasonably high) expectations of their doctors' curative powers. People want to live long lives and to feel as good at 80 as they felt at 20. Doctors are not magicians, but research continues with the hope that someday, whatever people's ages, they will never feel "over the hill


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