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The next advantage is that the corporation attracts a large amount of capital which it can invest in plants equipment and research. The third advantage is that a corporation can offer higher salaries and thus attract talented managers and specialists. The privately owned business corporation is one type of corporation.



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Lesson 3


A business corporation is an institution established for the purpose of making profit. It is operated by individuals. Their shares of ownership are represented by stock certificates. A person who owns a stock certificate is called a stockholder.

There are several advantages of the corporate form of ownership. The first is the ability to attract financial resources. The next advantage is that the corporation attracts a large amount of capital, which it can invest in plants, equipment and research. The third advantage is that a corporation can offer higher salaries and thus attract talented managers and specialists.

The privately owned business corporation is one type of corporation. There are some other types too. Educational, religious, charitable institutions can also incorporate. Usually such a corporation does not issue stock and is nonprofit. If there is a profit it is reinvested in the institution rather than distributed to stockholders.

In some western countries, cities, states, federal government and special agencies can establish governmental corporations. A few examples of these governmental corporations are state universities, state hospitals and city owned utilities. Governmental corporations are non-profit as a rule and usually they do not issue stock certificates.

Active Vocabulary



to establish


stock certificate

сертификат акций

stockholder (shareholder)

акционер, держатель акций

to attract financial resources

привлекать финансовые ресурсы

to offer high salaries

предлагать высокие зарплаты

to attract a large amount of capital

привлекать большой капитал

educational, religious, charitable institutions

образовательные, религиозные, благотворительные, учреждения

to issue stock

выпускать акции



to reinvest

вкладывать ещё раз

Comprehension Questions

  1.  Who can own a corporation?
  2.  Is a corporation necessarily larger than a sole proprietorship?
  3.  What are the advantages of the corporate form of ownership?
  4.  What can you about the disadvantages of the corporate form of ownership?
  5.  Do the corporations issue stock to stockholder?
  6.  What kind of corporations do not usually issue the stock?
  7.  What world known corporations do you know?
  8.  What types of business usually take the corporate form of ownership?

Vocabulary Practice

Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence.

  1.  What kind of … is better: buying stock or buying real estate?
  1.  charitable
  1.  To attract greater financial … the company issues the stock.
  1.  stock
  1.  A university can be … corporation.
  1.  resources
  1.  The partners didn't put the same … into business.
  1.  institution
  1.  The group of people from different countries is going to … a corporation.
  1.  investment
  1.  The Red Cross is an international … organization.
  1.  nonprofit
  1.  I want to buy some ... in IBM and General Motors.
  1.  amount of capital
  1.  An educational ... usually reinvests all of its money.
  1.  to establish



Good afternoon.


Good afternoon. I'd like to see Mr. Jackson. We have an arrangement with him. My name is Mr. Watson.


Just a minute, please. I'll let him know you are here.




Mr. Jackson is waiting for you. Do you know where his office is?


Oh, sure, thank you.


Hello, Steve. It's so nice to see you. Sit down, please.


Thanks, Nick. How are you getting on?


Quite all right, thanks. And what about you?


Everything is all right too. In fact I want to talk to you about my business.


Oh, I'll be glad to do something for you.


Well, Nick. I need some legal advice. John and I are thinking of incorporating.


You are going to expand, aren't you? It seems that your partnership has been doing very well.


Oh, yes. We have a success. Now some businessmen are interested in investing with us. So could you explain to me what sort of legal procedure I have to follow to form a corporation?


At first you have to apply for a corporate charter.




Let me get this straight. You want to issue and sell stock in exchange for investment capital, don't you?




After you obtain the charter, the stockholders, as owners, hold a meeting to organize the corporation.


Does that mean we elect our board of directors, adopt bylaws and choose the company's officers?


That's what I mean. Though the officers of the company supervise daily management, the stockholders always have the final authority. They vote at annual meetings.


Yes, I see it. By the way, does a corporation have limited liability?


It does. It also has the right to own property, to buy and sell and right to sue and be sued.


I see. The corporation acts like a person. It has the right of an individual.


You are right.


Ok. Why don't we get together for a game of golf one day next week?

Active Vocabulary


юридические положения для предприятий

I need some legal advice

Мне нужен юридический совет

to incorporate


to invest

вкладывать деньги

to expand

расширяться (о производстве)

to follow a legal procedure

следовать юридической процедурe

to apply for a corporate charter

подавать заявление на корпоративный патент

to issue and sell stock

выпускать и продавать акции

in exchange for investment capital

взамен на вложенный капитал

to hold a meeting

проводит собрание

to elect a board of directors

выбирать совет директоров

to choose the company's officers

выбирать административных исполнителей компании

to have final authority

иметь решающее слово

to supervise daily management

осуществлять ежедневное руководство

to vote


annual meeting

ежегодное собрание

to have limited liability

иметь ограниченную юридическую ответственность

to own property

владеть собственностью

to sue

возбуждать уголовное дело

to be sued

подвергаться судебному разбирательству

Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1. Transform the sentences according to the model.

Model: We are the company officers.

We supervise daily management.

We, as the company officers, supervise daily management.

  1.  My friends are the stockholders of IBM corporation. They hold annual meetings.
  2.  These businessmen are the organizers of this corporation. They issue and sell stock in exchange for investment capital.
  3.  A corporation is the owner of the property. It has limited liability.
  4.  Dick is a manger. He wants to form a corporation.
  5.  A corporate charter is a certificate of incorporation. A charter is granted by a state officer.
  6.  The stockholders are the owners of the corporation. They have final authority in management of the company.
  7.  The owners of the corporation are the stockholders. The owners of the corporation must vote.

Exercise 2. Transform the sentences according to the model.

Model: We organized our corporation a year ago (to invest much money).

We have been investing much more money since we organized our company.

  1.  They became company officers (to supervise daily management).
  2.  My friend bought the stock of the company 5 years ago (to make money).
  3.  They received the corporate charter a month ago (to plan a meeting).
  4.  We advertised the application last week (wait for a reply).
  5.  He became a member of the board of directors (work hard).
  6.  We elected a new board of directors last month (plan change)

Exercise 3. Answer the questions.

  1.  In what corporation would you invest money?
  2.  What legal procedure do you have to follow if you want to form a corporation?
  3.  Who has final authority and supervises the daily management of a corporation?
  4.  How often do the stockholders choose the company officers?
  5.  The stockholders have unlimited liability, don't they?
  6.  In what way can a corporation act?
  7.  What do you think about the possibilities of forming corporations in this country?
  8.  In what spheres of industry is a corporate form of proprietorship the most beneficial in this country?

Translate into English.

  1.  Корпорация может выпускать и продавать акции.
  2.  Корпорация может предлагать более высокую заработную плату.
  3.  Корпорация имеет больше возможностей для вовлечения финансовых ресурсов, чем партнёрство.
  4.  Каждый год акционеры проводят собрание.
  5.  Образовательные, благотворительные, религиозные учреждения могут быть корпорациями. Подобные учреждения, как правило, не приносят прибыль.
  6.  Эта корпорация прибыльна, она будет расширяться.
  7.  Сначала вы должны подать заявление на корпоративный патент.
  8.  Акционеры имеют решающее слово в управлении корпорацией.
  9.  Административные исполнители компании осуществляют постоянное руководство.
  10.  Владельцы акций проводят ежегодное собрание и выбирают совет директоров.
  11.  Корпорация имеет право возбуждать уголовное дело.


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