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The faculty includes the following departments: The department of computer software information technologies and applied mathematics; The department of industrial ecology; The department of higher mathematics; The department of physics; The department of theoretical mechanics...



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My Speciality

The Faculty Of Fundamental Sciences was established in 1998. 6 professors, 30 associate professors, 11 senior teachers constitute the regular teaching and research staff.

The faculty includes the following departments:

  •  The department of computer software, information technologies and applied mathematics;
  •  The department of industrial ecology;
  •  The department of higher mathematics;
  •  The department of physics;
  •  The department of theoretical mechanics;
  •  The department of chemistry;

The faculty offers advanced training in two areas:

  •  Computer software and computer-aided systems
  •  Environment protection and rational use of natural resources.

My speciality is Computer Software and Computer-Aided Systems. The department was set up in 1990 on the basis of two departments: the department of higher mathematics and computer engineering. The first enrolment of the students was made in 1998.

The training is supposed to be carried out on a two-level basis. The students may take a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Informatics and Computer Engineering after a four year course of study and a Master’s degree in the field of Computer Software and Computer – Aided Systems after they being trained further for a year and 10 months provided they have been awarded a Bachelor's degree.

The aim of the program is to train high quality software engineers specializing in complicated system and application program complexes design. The scientific basis of the speciality is composed of the principles of digital computers operation, programming languages of different levels, operational environment, object – oriented programming tools, data base and knowledge base organization and development.

A large part of training process is devoted to basic subjects such as high performance computer systems, microprocessor systems, information support and software for computer – aided systems, multimedia and computer graphics, computer simulation, real-time systems, information management systems, information security and protection.

This enables future specialists to attain greater professional knowledge and assimilate more modern methods of research, advanced production technology, its organization and management.


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