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They were the first to see a television set in action. Within a few days the news of television spread throughout the world. Nowadays many countries also have cable TV a system using wires for the transmission of television programs like telephone calls.



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The television set is evidently the most important and popular electronic product of all time. But in 1939 at the World's Fair in New York a tiny nine-by-•twelve inch box was the centre of attention for hundreds of people. They were the first to see a television set in action. Compared to today's TV shows of underwater and outer-space research, those first black-white pictures were not very good. The pictures were only transmitted from one side of the Fair territory to the other. But in 1939 they were of historical importance.

Within a few days the news of television spread throughout the world. A lot of people wanted to have a look1 at the new invention.

In a surprisingly short time people watched fewer films and turned from newspapers and magazines to TV. In its short history revision has had great influence on people's life and way of thinking..

At present TV communication is provided with the help of a  system of artificial earth satellites so that people living in different parts of the country and all over the world and in different time zones are able to watch the central TV programs at the most convergent hours.

Nowadays many countries also have cable TV, a system using wires for the transmission of television programs (like telephone calls). Cable television first appeared in 1949 as a means of transmitting TV signals to rural and mountain areas far from big cities.

Then we saw how a new technical invention, colour television, was rapidly replacing black-and-white television. Recently it was reported that the first pocket-size3 colour television set had been developed. It was stated that a liquid-crystal display4 was used similar to those on calculators and watches and that it weighed less than a pound.

A few years ago it became evident that the next major advance for TV would be digital television. In a digital system the usual continuous signal is replaced by a digital code containing detailed information on brightness, colour, etc. Once a week5 you put the programs you like into the memory, and the TV set will automatically switch on the desired channel at the right time..

By the end of 1980s television has moved to a new and the most important stage in its development since the appearance of colour television. Technically it is called high-definition television (HDTV)6 or Hi-Vision. This is the much higher resolution television7 of the 21st century...


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