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To tell the truth all school subjects come easy for me but sometimes. I spend much time on it reading books doing tests etc. Sometimes I like to listen to the Russian classical music. I have not much time to watch IV but sometimes I spend an hour or two watching an interesting film or a news programme.



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My name is Natalia. My surname is Govorova. I am 15. I was born in 1982 in Chelyabinsk. I live in a small town of Usinsk in the Komi Republic. My address is Flat 116, 19, Pionerskaya Street. My phone number is 41-5-81. I am a pupil. I go to school Numbers 1. I am a good pupil. I do well in all subjects. They say, that I am a hardworking person. To tell the truth, all school subjects come easy for me but sometimes. I have to sit much, for example, to do lessons in Physics or Chemistry, to write a composition or to learn a poem by heart. But my favourite subject is English. I spend much time on it reading books, doing tests etc. May be, English and learning it will be a part of  my future carreer.  I like  reading. I think comics and detective stories are much easier to read but I prefer  to read novels - historical or up-to-date. I like music. My musical tastes are different, but it depends on my mood. But I think every apple is good in its season. I play the piano and the guitar, not seriously, but for my soul. Sometimes I like to listen to the Russian classical  music. My favourite composers are Chaikovsky and Mozart. I don’t like rock music, but I like «Queen» and «Beatles». Also I  like Russian folk songs. I have not much time to watch IV but sometimes I spend an hour or two watching an interesting film or a news programme. In the evening I often read newspapers (our local ones) or magazines. I like fresh air and exercise. I’m sorry I have not much time for doing sports. But some aerobics in the morning, a swimming-pool twice a week, a ski-walk on a frosty day are of great help. Sports is fun.

 I have a wide circle of interests. I’m very sociable, so I get a way with people. I have many friends, most of them are my class-mates. We spend much time together, going out to the cinema or to the disco party, speaking about lessons and music, discussing our problems. But most of all I like my family. We all are great friends and deeply attached to each other.

 You see, it’s me - a person with his good and not good characteristics, liking this and hating that. But it’s interesting for me to live, to open new things.    


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52360. Книги в нашому житті 52 KB
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52361. Books in our life. Libraries in Ukraine 43 KB
  Objectives: to give some information about libraries in Ukraine; to develop communicative abilities of pupils; to practice pupils in speaking, reading, writing.
52362. Books in our life 771 KB
  Good afternoon, pupils and guests! Im glad to see you. Look at the screen and you can easily guess the topic of our lesson. “Reading makes a full man”, said Francis Bacon. Do you agree with him? Have you guessed the topic of the lesson? So, the topic is “Books in our life”.
  You are right. They are books and the name of our lesson is “Books are our Friends”. The motto of the lesson is “The more we read, the more we know”. The main task of our lesson is to summarize the information you have learnt about books. Well practice the word that you have learnt in the previous lessons, listen to the text about Mark Twain and speak on it, enjoy the time of our communication and learning.)
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