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But my bosom-friend is Olga. Olga is well bred jolly and king life and soul of every company. Olga like all teenagers likes different music which helps her to relax. Olga is very attentive to her parents and is simply mad about her dog.



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Frankly speaking, I have a lot of friends. Most of them are my classmates. They say that I am a good mixer and always have a way with people. But my bosom-friend is Olga. We are of the same age, we are both 15. She is pleasant looking girt not very tall but pleasantly plump. They say, she is the very image of her father, but, to my mind, she takes a lot after her Mum in looks - fair curly hair and dark blue eyes. When she smiles, 2 pretty dimples appear on her cheeks. To my mind, she is really a beauty. But her inner beauty is more important than physical one. Olga is well bred, jolly and king, life and soul of every company. She is tactful, witty generous and kind- hearted, careful and sensitive. She always ready to help other people. She is well-read and fond of reading very much. She always has 2 or 3 books at hand. Her second hobby is knitting and sewing. She is always elegunt and and always wears whet suits her. She is good at cooking I think she is cut out for a housewife.

   Olga like all teenagers likes different music which helps her to relax. In this point we have much in common. We both go in for sports- acrobics I think, she is very gifted and capable.

   She always manages to be cheerful, energetic, full of life and energy. She is a sunny soul by nature, she never feels sour.

   As I have told, she is a helpful person and every time she tries to do her best to help somebody when he has problems.

   Olga is very attentive to her parents and is simply mad about her dog. She cannot imagine her life without her.

   Of course, Olga has some drawbacks - sometimes she is a hurly-burly girl, a bit stubborn. But still like her as she has a good sense of humour and pleasant to deal with.

   We spend much time together - watch video or listen to the music, walk or go to the cafe discussing all sorts of things. If there is some misunderstanding between us we try to make peace soon. I respect Olga for intellect and modesty. You know, I miss her very often. Our friendship helps me feel strong and sure of myself.


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