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Have you ever dreamed of one day becoming a famous Hollywood actor If so the first thing you need to realize is that this dream can become a reality if you’re willing to put in the time training dedication passion and patience required to make it in Hollywood.



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з англійської мови №3

варіант 6

Виконав: студент групи _______



Викладач _________________



Варіант 6

  1.  Прочитайте та перекладіть текст. Зробіть резюме даного тексту та будьте готові відповідати на питання за текстом.


Have you ever dreamed of one day becoming a famous Hollywood actor? If so, the first thing you need to realize is that this dream can become a reality if you're willing to put in the time, training, dedication, passion and patience required to make it in Hollywood.

 If you've always wondered how to become a film or television actor, then here are ten steps that may not get you the role of a lifetime, but they will help you to treat your acting career as a career and not simply as something you choose to do for fun.

 Keep in mind that if you're hoping to become a theater actor, some of these may not apply to you. However, all ten steps are good to keep in mind no matter what type of acting you decide to pursue.

Seems like a given, doesn't it? But I can't tell you the number of people that come out to Hollywood thinking that all they need to do is get a job as a waiter at some popular restaurant, meet an agent, get "discovered" and then it's nothing but champagne and caviar from there. Uh...no.

 Acting is first and foremost a craft. The best of the Hollywood actors understand this and no matter how far they have come in their careers, they are constantly looking to improve upon their craft. They take classes, work with acting and dialogue coaches, they study life experiences, etc. They know full well that even after a lifetime of work and study, they may never reach absolute perfection.

 So, for you, it's imperative that you take a wide variety of acting classes. Work in a wide variety of styles with a as many different groups of people that you can find. Try it all. From Shakespeare to comedy, from improv to cinema verite -- the more you know, the more well rounded you'll be and ultimately, the better prepared you'll be for whatever roles come your way.

  1.  Виконайте наступні вправи:

 Use Present Continuous (NOW)

1. My book (to lie) on the table.
2. They (to work).
3. The doctor and her patient (to talk).
4. We (to cook) dinner. My mother (to make) a salad.
5. A young man (to drive) a car. He (to listen) music.
6. My grandfather (to read) a book.
7. The pen (to lie) on the floor.
8. You (to have) a break?
9. She still (to sing).

Use Present Continuous (NOW)

1. The boys (to run) about in the garden.

2. I (to do) my homework.

3. John and his friends (to go) to the library.

4. Ann (to sit) at  her desk. She (to study) geography.

5. A young man (to stand) at the window. He (to smoke) a cigarette.

6. The old man (to walk) about the room.

7. The dog (to lie) on the floor.

8. You (to have) a break?

9. What language you (to study)?

10. Who (to lie) on the sofa?

11. What they (to talk) about?

12. It still (to rain). 

Write positive sentences in will Future

  1.  We (help)  you.
  2.  I (get)  you a drink.
  3.  I think our team (win)  the match.
  4.  Maybe she (do)  a language course in Malta.
  5.  I (buy)  the tickets.
  6.  Perhaps she (do)  this for you.
  7.  Maybe we (stay)  at home.
  8.  She hopes that he (cook)  dinner tonight.
  9.  I’m sure they (understand)  your problem.
  10.  They (go / probably)  to the party.

Put the verbs into the correct form (future I). Use going to.

  1.  It (rain) .
  2.  They (eat)  stew.
  3.  I (wear)  blue shoes tonight.
  4.  We (not / help)  you.
  5.  Jack (not / walk)  home.
  6.  (cook / you)  dinner?
  7.  Sue (share / not)  her biscuits.
  8.  (leave / they)  the house?
  9.  (take part / she)  in the contest?
  10.  I (not / spend)  my holiday abroad this year.

Fill in the words in brackets as adjective or adverb

1) He  reads a book. (quick)

2) Mandy is a  girl. (pretty)

3) The class is  loud today. (terrible)

4) Max is a  singer. (good)

5) You can  open this tin. (easy)

6) It's a  day today. (terrible)

7) She sings the song . (good)

8) He is a  driver. (careful)

9) He drives the car . (careful)

10) The dog barks . (loud)

Compare the following adverbs. 

1) fast -  - 

2) well -  - 

3) carefully -  - 

4) often -  - 

5) badly -  - 

6) hard -  - 

7) clearly -  - 

8) little -  - 

9) much -  - 

10) early -  - 

  1.  Підготуйте розмовні теми:

  •  My plans for the future
  •  What  am I going to do this summer
  •  My favourite book
  •  Why English is important for my future profession
  •  The country I would like to visit


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