Исторические личности и представители мировой культуры

Albert Einstein was born in Germany on March 14,1879. His unusual ability to mathematics and physics began to show itself at a technical school in Zurich. At the age of 21, after four years, of university study, Albert Einstein got a job as a clerk at an office. But already in 1905 he made revolutionary discoveries in science.



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"See what I have for you, my boy. A mysterious box  with a magic needle. Let's turn the box. Look! Still the needle points only this way.”

Albert took the box and turned  it one way then the other. The needle always returned gently and pointed in the same direction as before.

"Papa, what makes the needle always point one and the same way?" the boy asked.

"Well, you won't understand that. The magnetism of the Earth pulls it back."

Albert took the compass to bed with him. It occupied all his--thoughts -for hours. His curiosity grew. He wanted to know more.

Albert Einstein was born in Germany on March 14,1879. His unusual ability to mathematics and physics began to show itself at a technical school in   Zurich. At the age of 21, after four years, of university stud и, Albert Einstein got a job as a clerk at an office. But already in 1905 he made revolutionary discoveries in science. He published three papers. In the first he explained the photoelectric effect by means of Planck's quantum theory. The second paper developed a mathematical theory of Brownian motion. He presented his third paper on"Special Theory of Relativity" to a physical journal. Einstein expressed his theory in the equation E=mc^, roughly that energy equals mass times the square of the speed     of light.

All over the  world scientists read the work with great surprise. Few physicists understood its importance at that time. Everybody wanted to know as much as possible about the author.  In  which institute did he teach? In what laboratory did he do his research?

Albert Einstein was a very talented man, a great thinker.  He had an ability to look at the world with eyes full of wonder. All problems were new to him and he liked to solve them in his own way."

Einstein's fame among scientists grew slowly but surely. For a few years he lived in Praque where he worked as a professor. When he came to Praque, he often told his students! "I shall always try to help you. If you have a problem, come to me with it, we shall solve it together.,"

He liked questions and answered them at once, for there were no simple or foolish questions for him. He spoke much with students about new ideas. His advice to young students was:"Don't take easy problems."

Einstein continued his research. His unified field theory was the result of 35 years of intense work. He expressed it in four equations where he combined the physical laws that control force of light and energy with the mysterious force of gravitation.

In 1922 Einstein got the Nobel Prize in physics not for the theory of relativity but for a logical explanation of the photoelectric effect.

He gave all his life to the increase of human knowledge. His ideas produced revolution in the natural science of the 20th century.


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