Modern communication. Science


Иностранные языки, филология и лингвистика

The mobile have turned into a complete island of entertainment and communication. The mobile phone has become an unseparable part of my life. Id like to know what programmes youve downloaded in your smartphone Give me a piece of advice on how to convince my parents of the necessity of a mobile phone.



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Modern communication. Science.

Let’s talk about science. What is the role of science in our fast-moving world?

It’s difficult to overstimate the role of science and technology in our life. They accelerate the development of civilization and help us in our co-operation with nature. Science has brought great laurels in every field, but the one place where it has really shown is technology. Everything started with invention of a transistor which became the turning point in creation of a lot of gadgets and devices we have nowadays. Today we have access to some of the most advanced technical inventions. Somewhere inspace there are metallic objects (sputniks) bringing us news, data and newer means of impovement.

Vehicles which run on land are packed with newer inventions by the day. Some of them have made us a Nano-race. Nanotechnology can be used everywhere. Sportsmen are already enjoying the advanced technology with lighter, stronger sports equipment. The displays on everything from ipods to flatscreen TVs are made from plastic built on the nanoscale. There are nanomachines and nanorobots. It can be used in food industry. Nanomaterials could help to keep food fresh for longer. Scientists are already manufacturing nanosized vitamins that are easier for our bodies to take in. We have come into a digital age. Computers have given way to laptops and palmtops. Picture-tube televisions have metamorphosed into LCDs and plasma. The mobile have turned into a complete island of entertainment and communication. The Internet has brought the impossible within means. Web has made online education possible, as well as seeing your relatives somewhere faraway through the Skype. Science has really beautified life.

Do you use many gadgets?

I think we can’t imagine our life without some of the gadgets. First of all it’s my laptop. It is because of the Internet. I go on the Internet every day. I browse and surf, spend some time in the chat or facebook. The mobile phone has become an unseparable part of my life. I either listen to music using earphones or text to my friends. My contact list is long enough.

As for our LCD TV, I use it quite occasionally, perhaps to watch some music channels. Our flat is well-equipped with modern devices such as a microwave, a toaster, a coffeemaker, a fridge. We have also got a washing machine.

What questions can you ask about a new high tech device for music fans?

1.I wonder if you’ve got the latest MP3 Player?

2. It’s interesting to know how you use iTUNES.

3. I’d like to know what programmes you’ve downloaded in your smartphone?

Give me a piece of advice on how to convince my parents of the necessity of a mobile phone.

You see we can hardly imagine modern life without a mobile phone. It can fulfill different functions, besides the contact list to phone all the friends and to keep in contact with your parents. There are a lot of necessary and important functions such as music and video, games and the radio, a navigation system. (I mean modern ones). It connects the Internet. Whatever may be said against mobile phones, their advantages have always scored over their disadvantages. They have proved to be useful for every purpose. Nothing is as comfortable as a mobile phone for communicating over a distance. Mobile phones keep people connected round the clock. A technologically advanced mobile phone can perform as many tasks as well as that of a personal computer.  

People are becoming more independent on computers nowadays. What do you think about it?

 I agree with the statement. The Internet has recently become one of the sources of information. Its main advantage is that news appears on the screen as soon as things happen in real life and you don’t have to wait for news-time on TV. Modern computers help people in housekeeping and planning of the family budget. They teach kids not only to add &multiply, but even speak foreign languages. Thanks to the computer we can visit and have a talk with our distant relative on the other side of the globe. Skype is quite available and not expensive. We chat, listen to music, watch films, we browse and surf. The computer is a necessity of nowadays.


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