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Let’s talk about art. Our country is world famous thanks to its artists composers writers. How can you prove it The art of the Belorussian society consists of many aspects. Talented personalities have made great contribution to the development of Belorussian art.



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1. Let’s talk about art. Our country is world famous thanks to its artists, composers, writers. How can                                                 you prove it?

The art of the Belorussian society consists of many aspects. Talented personalities have made great contribution to the development of Belorussian art. Belorussian art has great roots in the past. It goes back to the 11th century. At that time the first actors appeared on the territory of Belarus. This art was based on folklore, folk poetry. Later serf theatres appeared in Mogilev, Grodno, Vitebsk. In 1840 Dounin Martisinkevich organized a theatre “The First Belorussian Company”. Now we’ve got different theatres in all big cities in Belarus.

There are plenty of artists who portrayed the natural beauty of nature, depicted great events of the country, its heroic past and present. Khrutskiy, Zaitsev, Volkov and Savitskiy. Not less significant are the achievements in sculpture. Among well-known sculptors are: Bembel (one of the creators of Brest memorial), Asgur (the monument to Yakub Kolos), Vakar (the expressive monument to M. Bogdanovich) and others.

The are a lot of talented musicians. A great number of operas, symphonies have been created by Anotoliy Bogatyriyov: ”Pushas”, “In the Polesye”. There are ensembles in Belarus which perform Belorussian songs: The state folk Choir, Pesnyary, Byaseda… They combine folk song heritage with contemporary music.

Vladimir Mulyavin with his group “Pesnyary” revived the Belorussian folk songs and gave them the new sound. We are proud of our representatives of art.

2. What art do you enjoy most? What in your opinion is the role of art?


As for me I enjoy fine art. In my view it plays a large part in making our life rich.  Art stimulates different parts of our brains, it can make us laugh or cry, calm down.  Art is something that makes us more thoughtful and well balanced humans.   According to Leo Tolstoy art must create an emotional link between artist and audience, it isn't only the means of communication between the artist and the viewer, it must "infect" the viewer.

When I look at the paintings of such famous artists as Khrutskiy, Levitan, Ivanov they make me think, appeal to my soul. There is such saying:”Painting is the language which serves to talk with those who have come to look at it.” Looking at the masterpiece you can’t help admiring the combination of forms, colours, expressiveness and the artist’s individual traits. They fascinate and enchant you.



The arts include visual arts, literary arts &the performing arts, like music theatre and film. The types of visual arts include architecture, animation, collage, comics, design, drawing, graffiti, illustration art, photography, sculpture and so on. Though attitude to art is different and opinions split many people appreciate various works of art, as art plays an important part in people's life. According to Leo Tolstoy art must create an emotional link between an artist and audience. Art stimulates different parts of our brains, can make us laugh or cry. We can say that art is something that makes us more thoughtful, well-balanced, art stirs our imagination. Some works of art can be a real discovery. Art involves our fantasy and teaches to appreciate beauty.

3. I like painting. Ask me some questions about the exhibition  I’ve visited.

1. I wonder whose exhibition have you visit?

2. it is interesting to know what you appreciate in this artist, what attracts you?

3. I’d like to know. If you’ve visited any museums or art galleries where his paintings are exhibited.

4. Give me advice on how to take a good photo.

To tell the truth I ‘m not very keen on taking photos.  In my view there are some rules to remember to make a good photograph.  First of all you should catch a moment and manage a shot, before it changes, so create capture.  Secondly the light is very important, and then you should also mind framing and focus to make the photograph excellent.  If a person is really good at taking photos, then his pictures are beautiful and touching, expressive as a photo is one of the moments of life which lives in it.


 5. Some people don’t like graffiti, some are indifferent, young people like it. What’s your opinion?

As I see it’s difficult for some people understand modern art. I think it happens because of misunderstanding that tastes differ. One such trends is Graffiti. It’s illegal. It can be seen on park benches, bus shelters and phone boxes, on the walls of the houses. Authorities try to clean it up, but pictures appear again and again. I think it’s somehow the way young people want to express themselves, their images and dreams. In my opinion the best way out is to provide such artists with special space to paint graffiti on it. We must admit that nowadays some well-known companies use graffiti imagery to promote things to young people. So this is the thing to talk about and to discuss.


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