Youth and society


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What youth organizations do you know Nowadays young people take an active part in social life; participating in various social activities being involved in volunteering. Young people usually belong to youth movements through membership in different youth organizations.



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Youth and society

 Today young people take are active part in the social life. What youth organizations do you know?

Nowadays young people take an active part in social life; participating in various social activities, being involved in volunteering. They have a brilliant opportunity not to stay aside, to be indifferent to what is happening around. They take part in meetings, discussions, peaceful demonstrations. Young people usually belong to youth movements through membership in different youth organizations. There they have the right to express their views, discuss the most vital problems that worry young people. These activities help young people to become more organized and better disciplined, to become really involved in a lot of things. They meet new people, make new friends and find a shoulder to cry on. Helping other people in different charity projects they learn to appreciate kindness and warm heartedness; in social and political projects they have a chance to express their opinions and ideas. There are various organizations young people can join:  the UK youth parliament in Britain, Girl’s Guides in Canada. All Star Federation in the USA, Boyscouts, Army Cadets Force and the BRSM in Belarus.

Would you like to join any of the organizations you’ve heard about? Why?

I’d like to be a member of the Youth Parliament. There’s an organization in the UK. Being a   member of this organization means to be involved in all the projects, charity activities, to discuss the most vital problems that worry young people. Once elected MYPs organize events and projects, run campaigns and influence decision makers on the issues, which matter most young people. It also gives you a chance to meet with young people who have the same ideas as you, to have the power to do something about it. A member of this organization should be prepared to have an opinion on topical issues, listen and respect the views of his group, have a sense of humor.


What would you like to learn about the activities of  cheerleaders in Minsk?

1. I wonder how you got into cheerleading?

2. What qualities do you need  to be a cheerleader?

3. It’s interesting to know what lessons you have learned from cheerleading?


Which youth organization would you recommend to join?

I’d recommend to join the BRSM. It was founded on the 6th of September 2002. The aims of the union are to promote patriotism, to create conditions for comprehensive development of youth as well as to fulfill its creative potential and promote the development of the civil society in the Republic of Belarus based on patriotic and moral values. The members of the BRSM  are involved in different activities such as camping, sporting event s, visiting memorials. They are interested in concerts and competitions, charity and volunteering, take part in construction brigades.

The union possesses its symbols, which include its flag and its emblem based on the komsomol badge and modeled on the Belorussian flag.

If you had a chance to offer a topic for a discussion at a monthly meeting of a  debate club, what would you suggest?

If I had a chance to offer a topic for a discussion at a monthly meeting of a debate club it would be the problem of terrorism. Recently the world has witnessed several horrifying terrorist attacks. They happened on different continents and in different countries. Some countries have lived with terrorism for a long time. There are certain organizations which have used bombings and assassinations of officials and politicians. But today we witness a new type of terrorist threat that is determined to kill thousands of ordinary people. Many cities such as London, Moscow, Chicago, Bagdad have become deadly target of terrorism. In my view terrorist attacks can’t be ignored. That’s why I’d like to raise this problem at the debate meeting.


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