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Which is a signal word for the present progressive often now sometimes Which is not a signal word for the present progressive always Look at the moment James 18 years old asked an ugly fortune teller about his future. Here is what she told him: You be very happy. You get a lot of money. You buy a beautiful house.



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кафедра теорії та практики перекладу


з англійської мови №3

варіант 10

Виконав: студент групи _______



Викладач _______________



Варіант 10

Прочитайте та перекладіть текст. Зробіть резюме даного тексту та будьте готові відповідати на питання за текстом.


Cinematograph is one of the wonders of the modern world. In 1895 the Lumiere brothers gave the world's first real cinema show in Paris to an audience of thirty-three spectators. The first film they showed was "The Arrival of a train at a Station". Moving pictures seemed so real that the audience was frightened to death by the train rushing at them from the screen. Not long ago millions of people used to visit cinema each week. Cinema houses were often packed full and one could see people queuing up in front of the box offices. Now with the price of tickets far from reasonable the growth of video production and the flood thrillers empty of serious content the cinema's rapidly losing its popularity. Cinematograph is truly an art of our time. It's as complicated and multi-facet as the twentieth century itself. Everyone can find something to his liking in the broad variety of its genres. Those who seek pure entertainment and rest to the mind prefer musical comedies, detective films, thrillers, horror films and westerns. Other people consider that movies should be rather a thought provoking and earnest art than all fun. Personally I am for entertaining both the heart and mind at the same time.

Lately I've seen a feature film that was a hit with the public. I, myself, can praise it unreservedly. It was an Eldar Ryazanov film "The Promised Heavens" released by the Mosfilm studio. If my memory doesn't fail me, Ryazanov also wrote the script. The action takes place in Moscow of our days. Such famous actors and actresses as Basilashvily, Kartzev, Pashutin, Gaft are co-starring in the film. Their characters are bums and beggars, people of different biographies but of the same tragic fate. It's hard to judge who is to blame for their present poverty and despair. But it's obvious that the former painter, now a beggar, as well as the ex-convict and the ex-politician and the former cook for some party boss have preserved more humanity than all those, respectable citizens on whom they now depend.

They are deprived of everything and in the end even their slums in the city dump are being taken away from them. Tanks are used against harmless paupers and no wonder that they may only hope for the help from the space. I've enjoyed every minute of this film. I couldn't help laughing and crying following the development of the action. I think the acting was superb which is quite natural with such a cast: I believe there's no one like Eldar Ryazanov in revealing the inner world of a humble person. That's the reason why I do admire his films.

Виконайте вправи

Rewrite the sentences using the negative forms.

  1.  We are playing a game. 
  2.  I'm drawing a picture. 
  3.  He is making pizza right now. 
  4.  Susan and her brother are taking photos. 
  5.  Dad is working in the kitchen. 

Write questions in present progressive.

  1.  Robin / to ride / his bike - 
  2.  where / she / to go - 
  3.  what / your mother / to do / now - 
  4.  Which is a signal word for the present progressive?
     often  now  sometimes
  5.  Which is not a signal word for the present progressive?
     always  Look!  at the moment

James, 18 years old, asked an ugly fortune teller about his future. Here is what she told him:

  1.  You (be)  very happy.
  2.  You (get)  a lot of money.
  3.  You (buy)  a beautiful house.
  4.  Your friends (envy)  you.
  5.  You (meet)  a beautiful girl.
  6.  You (marry)  her.
  7.  You and your wife (travel)  around the world.
  8.  People (serve)  you.
  9.  They (not/refuse)  to make you happy.
  10.  But all this (happen / only)  when you are 70 years old.

Write questions in going to future.

  1.  (he / cook dinner / tonight) 
  2.  (you / run / in the race) 
  3.  (they / climb / that mountain) 
  4.  (she / exercise / at the gym / in the afternoon) 
  5.  (you / carry / that heavy box) 
  6.  (computer / crash) 
  7.  (we / eat / fish / tonight) 
  8.  (he / play football / tomorrow) 
  9.  (Lucy / call / a taxi) 
  10.  (you / sing / a song / for us) 

Fill in the words in brackets as adjective or adverb. 

1) The bus driver was  injured. (serious)

2) Kevin is  clever. (extreme)

3) This hamburger tastes . (awful)

4) Be  with this glass of milk. It's hot. (careful)

5) Robin looks . What's the matter with him? (sad)

6) Jack is  upset about losing his keys. (terrible)

7) This steak smells . (good)

8) Our basketball team played  last Friday. (bad)

9) Don't speak so . I can't understand you. (fast)

10) Maria  opened her present. (slow)

Fill in all the gaps with the correct forms of the adjectives. 

1)  - longer - 

2)  -  - worst

3) modern -  - 

4)  -  - nicest

5)  -  - nearest

6)  -  - flattest

7) popular -  - 

8)  - happier - 

9) many -  - 

10) exciting -  - 

Підготуйте розмовні теми:

  •  My plans for the future
  •  What  am I going to do this summer
  •  My favourite book
  •  Why English is important for my future profession
  •  The country I would like to visit


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