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Quality newspapers, which are broadsheet in format, cater for those readers who want detailed information on a wide range of news and current affairs. The most popular tabloid newspapers tend to appeal to those who want to read shorter, entertaining stories with more human interest, and they generally contain a larger number of photographs.



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National and regional newspapers

      There are 12 daily newspapers and 10 Sunday newspapers in circulation in most parts of the country. National newspapers cater for a wide variety of tastes and interests. They are often described as either “qualities” or “tabloids” depending upon their format, style and content. Quality newspapers, which are broadsheet in format, cater for those readers who want detailed information on a wide range of news and current affairs. The most popular tabloid newspapers tend to appeal to those who want to read shorter, entertaining stories with more human interest, and they generally contain a larger number of photographs.

Newspapers cater for a whole range of political views, but often express a strong standpoint in favour of or against a certain party or policy in their editorial columns.

       Certain British newspapers are renowned throughout the world. "The Times" is perhaps the most influential and best known. It was first published in 1785, making it Britain’s oldest daily newspaper. "The Observer", first published in 1791, is the oldest national Sunday newspaper in the world. More recent additions to the market include "The Independent" and its sister paper, "The Independent on Sunday", and "Today".

       At one time London’s Fleet Street was the centre of newspaper industry, but now all the national papers have moved their editorial offices and printing plants to other parts of the capital – many to Docklands, a regenerated area to the east of the City.

      A number of large publishing groups own both national and regional newspapers. There are, however, safeguards against the risk resulting from undue concentration of ownership of the media. It is unlawful to transfer a newspaper or newspaper assets to a proprietor, whose newspapers have an average daily circulation of 500,000 or more, including that of the newspaper to be taken over, without consent from the Government.

       Most town and cities have their own regional newspapers. These papers mainly include stories of regional and local interest, but the dailies also cover national and international news, often looked at from a local point of view. Some of the best-known papers include the "Yorkshire Post" (Leeds), "The Northern Echo" (Darlington), "The Manchester Evening News" (Manchester). London gas ins own evening paper, "the Evening Standard", which provides Londoners with news and features covering events in the capital. Thousands of free newspapers, which are mainly financed by advertising, are distributed to homes every week.

They have enjoyed a rapid growth in recent years and have a total estimated circulation of about 37 million. There are over 100 newspapers and magazines produced by the ethnic minorities in Britain, reflecting the multi-cultural nature of today’s so ciety. Numerous newspapers and magazines from overseas are also available.

Виконайте наступні вправи:

Use the words below to make sentences in present progressive.

I / to read a book - 

it / to rain - 

he / to repair his bike - 

they / to watch a film - 

the cat /to sleep on the chair - 

Jane and Emily / to do their homework - 

Bill / to wait at the bus stop - 

we / to listen to the radio - 

the children / to play a game - 

Laura / to walk the dog - 

Choose the correct present progressive form.

  1.  Look! Andy  in the garden.
  2.  I  TV at the moment.
  3.  We  a book.
  4.  She  the piano.
  5.  Listen! Sue and John .

Write questions in will future.

  1.  (you / ask / him) 
  2.  (Jenny / lock / the door) 
  3.  (it / rain) 
  4.  (the teacher / test / our English) 
  5.  (what / they / eat) 
  6.  (when / she / be / back) 
  7.  (who / drive / us / into town) 
  8.  (where / we / meet) 
  9.  (when / I / be / famous) 
  10.  (what / you / do) 

The following people are about to do something. You can see that they have already planned or prepared the action.

Write positive sentences in going to future.

  1.  What does she need the telephone for?
     (she / call / her boyfriend) 
  2.  Why are they wearing sport suits?
     (they / play / squash) 
  3.  Why has Fiona bought chocolates?
     (She / visit / her grandma) 
  4.  Why do you need a map?
     (we / walk / in the mountains) 
  5.  What do you need the cloth and the bucket for?
     (we / wash / the car) 
  6.  Why are you running about with the toothbrush?
     (I / brush / my teeth) 
  7.  Why is daddy not coming with us?
     (he / repair / the car) 
  8.  Hurry up!
     (they / light / the bonfire) 
  9.  Why are all these tapes on the table?
     (we / learn / Greek) 
  10.  What do you need the pen for?
     (I / write / some postcards) 

Rewrite the complete sentence using the adverb in brackets in its correct position

1) He listens to the radio. (often)

2) They read a book. (sometimes)

3) Pete gets angry. (never)

4) Tom is very friendly. (usually)

5) I take sugar in my coffee. (sometimes)

6) Ramon and Frank are hungry. (often)

7) My grandmother goes for a walk in the evening. (always)

8) Walter helps his father in the kitchen. (usually)

9) They watch TV in the afternoon. (never)

10) Christine smokes. (never)

Put in the adjective in bold from the first sentence into the second sentence in its correct form (comparative or superlative). 

1) This is a nice cat. It's much  than my friend's cat.

2) Here is Emily. She's six years old. Her brother is nine, so he is .

3) This is a difficult exercise. But the exercise with an asterisk (*) is the exercise on the worksheet.

4) He has an interesting hobby, but my sister has the  hobby in the world.

5) In the last holidays I read a good book, but father gave me an even one last weekend.

6) School is boring, but homework is  than school.

7) Skateboarding is a dangerous hobby. Bungee jumping is  than skateboarding.

8) This magazine is cheap, but that one is .

9) We live in a small house, but my grandparents' house is even  than ours.

10) Yesterday John told me a funny joke. This joke was the  joke I've ever heard.

  1.  Підготуйте розмовні теми:

  •  My plans for the future
  •  What  am I going to do this summer
  •  My favourite book
  •  Why English is important for my future profession
  •  The country I would like to visit


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