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A traditional English breakfast is a cooked meal which may contain sausages bacon black pudding scramble or fried eggs mushrooms boiled tomatoes beans and toast. If a meal is eaten in the late morning instead of breakfast or lunch it is called brunch. Lunch is the meal eaten in the middle of the day.



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                        I Let’s talk about food. What do people eat in Britain?

The first meal of the day in the morning is breakfast.  Some British people eat toast with butter and jam (strawberry, apricot) or marmalade and nothing else. Others eat a bowl of cereals or muesli with milk or porridge. Melon, grapefruit or fruit cocktail are popular. A traditional English breakfast is a cooked meal which may contain sausages, bacon, black pudding, scramble or fried eggs, mushrooms, boiled tomatoes, beans and toast. The most common drinks at this time of day are orange juice or a cup of tea or coffee. If a meal is eaten in the late morning instead of breakfast or lunch, it is called brunch.

Lunch is the meal eaten in the middle of the day. Many people eat meat, cheese or other sandwiches. Some people have a simple meal such as cheese and biscuits or soup and bread. Drinks at lunch time are very different: fruit juices, tea, coffee or pure water, some enjoy cola or other fizzy drinks. The Sunday roast is a traditional meal eaten by a family at Sunday lunch time: for example roast beef with roast potatoes, peas, brussels sprouts, green beans, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

Supper is the most common name for the meal eaten in the evening (usually between 7 & 8.30). Dinner is another common name for supper (but when it is formal). It’s a cookie meal of meat or fish, and two vegs (vegetables) one of which is often potato. It is common to eat dessert (also known as pudding) after the main dish.

                                          II Is eating out an attractive idea?

To escape from the routine of cooking and eating at home many people visit their favourite restaurant or cafe or if they are feeling adventurous then try an unfamiliar eating place.

Eating out is a great pleasure. You have the chance to sample (попробовать) dishes which are carefully prepared by experienced chefs.

You can try food from around the world, everything from spy eastern dishes to traditional cuisine (кухня). Eating out also gives you a chance to socialize with friends and _________________ _________ enjoy a relaxing meal.

III What questions will you ask a waiter when you are ordering meal in a cafe?

  1.  I wonder what you can advise for a starter.
  2.  It’s interesting to know whether you servel cook vegetarian dishes.
  3.  I’d like to know if I can have some season vegetables.

            IV Which national dishes can you recommend a tourist to taste in Belarus?

Belarus as an Eastern European country has a surprisingly rich and exotic culinary tradition. While Belarusian cuisine derives from the same common sources as Russian and Ukranian cuisine, it’s not so well-known. I think it’s important to reconstruct traditional recipes, to restore national culinary traditions.

This simple recipe I’d like to recommend has been an essential part of Belorussian cuisine since ancient times. It’s called Babka.

The ingredients are: half a kilo potatoes, 150 grams pork, one table spoon flour, some salt and pepper, one egg, two onions, two table baked milk.

Peel potatoes, grate on the grater (тёрка), add flour, add the egg, chop pork and onion and fry, mix everything in a bowl. Put everything into a pot or pan and bake in the oven (миска), spinkle with baked milk just before it’s ready. Serve with cold milk or sour-cream.

V Scientists say that fast food is un healthy but people enjoy eating it. What do you think about it?

Obviously, junk food is not the best thing for our health. According to the scientists this type of fat which junk food is high in, is associated with a greater risk of cancer, another side of consuming (употребление) junk food is that you gain weight, as it’s high in calories but lacking in nutrition. Fizzy drinks are bad for our teeth, as cause decay (кариес). I think people eat junk food because in today’s fast moving world we have less and less time to spend eating, let alone cooling. We have changed our eating habits because of lack of time and loss of tradition. People are too busy to cook and eat proper meals, so they grab whatever is available.


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