Online education is an alternative to traditional methods of learning

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However advances in technology means that this method of learning is fast becoming a realistic and viable alternative to traditional education. Among them are: Removing geographic barriers Flexible school hours Reduced costs housing transportation and materials costs Developing a sense of responsibility discipline and commitment...



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Online education is an alternative to traditional methods of learning

Distance learning or online education is a well known concept but one that was not widely used until quite recently. However, advances in technology means that this method of learning is fast becoming a realistic and viable alternative to traditional education.

The advantages of virtual education are numerous for both schools and for students. Among them are:

  •  Removing geographic barriers
  •  Flexible school hours
  •  Reduced costs (housing, transportation and materials costs)
  •  Developing a sense of responsibility, discipline and commitment from the student – they manage their own learning
  •  Incorporating technology into the learning process


In addition to the development of computers and mobile devices, we also have virtual learning platforms to help disseminate virtual classes in a simpler way. The expansion of all these technologies has greatly broadened access to quality education. This has lead to a democratisation of education allowing students from all over the world to engage with new ideas and concepts on their own terms. Today, teachers and students have free resources such as forums to share questions, online study tools, free software for videoconferencing and storing resources in the cloud, to name but a few.

Additionally, parents can keep their children at home, if they wish, to provide the educational setting they choose. Students might find more individualized instruction online and can quickly become familiar with new technologies. Students who crave constant interaction with peers, have trouble self-motivating or struggle with computers may not be the most ideal candidates.

At the elementary level, distance learning remains an unproven commodity. Parents, students, educators and even lawmakers continue to wonder: How does it really work and which children can benefit? With the former, new online learning models and technologies emerge regularly to meet the needs of varying student populations. Regarding the latter, more and more children can leverage web technologies effectively to either supplement traditional classroom studies or participate in lessons fully online.  Probably it isn’t for everyone. But it's good to know all your options to maximize your student's learning potential.


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