Technological inventions don’t make our lives better. They simply create more products we are expected to buy


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We know that such result of technological progress as fast food restaurants is a convenient source of food for modern busy people. However these restaurants are notorious for their unhealthy food. McDonald’s is constantly criticized for its food leading to obesity.



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Technological inventions don’t make our lives better. They simply create more products we are expected to buy.

I fully support the point that a lot of technological inventions make our life much easier but certainly not better. Business corporations create products just for us to buy them and that is totally true.

Recently I was watching a documentary about Procter & Gamble Corporation and their new line of products for mouth care Crest. And the marketing specialists and sales analytics held the meeting trying to invent as much products in the Crest line as possible just so that customers felt obliged to buy those and to ensure themselves that they take care of their teeth properly. And it was proven that if the customer is not able to buy at least one product of the whole line it makes him feel excluded and not wealthy and successful enough. So inability to buy something leads to self-doubt and depression.

Same goes for gadgets such as smart phones for example. The phones have very helpful functions: useful apps; messages; video calls, Internet access. All those things make our life easy. But I am not sure that they make our life better. People become dependent on their phones, using them, posting pics, downloading stuff without any need, just to kill time, which is especially bad for kids who become weak and unhealthy, as they are not involved in sports and outdoor activities. Also phones with calculators and Internet lead to laziness in education, people do not read books, do not study as much as they did, because now it is easy just to go online and find whatever answer you need for whatever question.

We know that such result of technological progress as fast food restaurants is a convenient source of food for modern busy people. However, these restaurants are notorious for their unhealthy food. McDonald's is constantly criticized for its food leading to obesity. There was a documentary called "Supersize Me", in which a man only consumed only McDonald's food for a month. At the end of the month his weight increased, and the doctors explained that he had greatly damaged his health. So we see that “easier” does not always equal “better”.

The last and the most important argument is that technological innovations greatly pollute the environment, especially the manufacturing facilities. That is why most of them are located outside the cities. Also it may be noted that modern companies tend to spend huge amount of money on ecological issues, buying environment-friendly equipment, recycling, making donations to environment protection organizations. But we know that the percentage of help is much less that the percentage of damage.

So do we need any more innovations? I think not for now, basically we have everything we could ever wish for and more. The focus should be on making the necessary goods available to average people at an average price and developing environmental and health care.


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