Women should be in charge of housework and raising children, as men are responsible for earning a good salary to support their families


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But such family arrangement seems to be changing in the recent decades. Most women now combine their domestic responsibilities with paid employment, and now it is more socially accepted for women to have jobs when raising the children.



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Women should be in charge of housework and raising children, as men are responsible for earning a good salary to support their families

In terms of the topic I agree that women and men have different types of responsibilities within the family and society.

People are used to the fact that women play the social role of “housekeepers” that do most of the essential but unpaid housework and raise children, while men’s main responsibility is being a “breadwinner”, earning a wage to support the family.

But such family arrangement seems to be changing in the recent decades. Most women now combine their domestic responsibilities with paid employment, and now it is more socially accepted for women to have jobs when raising the children. Many women are also lone parents where the task of raising income and providing care are combined into one.

Yet social expectations still indicate that men should be main earners and women - main carers. At the same time unemployment, job insecurity and wage inequalities mean that it is more difficult for men to fulfill the “breadwinner” role. Also women’s insecurities about being dumped by the husband or remaining alone due to his death, illness, as well as wanting to achieve career heights make them receive education and job experience in order to be able to provide a living for themselves.

It is proven that material and psychological well-being of both men and women is heavy influenced by their income and the quality of environment they live in. So I strongly argue that when people get married, they need to discuss a lot of different topics, including finances, having kids, who takes care of what around the house, expectations, etc. Lack of communication and planning commonly leads to family issues.

Men are completely capable of doing housework and raising children just as women are completely capable of working and playing sports. The idea that the woman of the house is responsible for all those things is archaic and Neanderthal. Any guy can be a father and a husband, but it takes a real man to be a family man! Certainly both parents need to be involved in childcare as kinds require help and attention from both parents.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) survey shows that in Britain married women do more housework than their husbands. I’m sure the same goes for Ukraine. The solution is the following: men should work more flexibly, take greater responsibility for caring for their children and their homes, and have the right to reserved parental leave. Personally I would never allow anyone to lock myself in the house with screaming kids and dirty dishes and a vacuum cleaner. As well as I understand that it might be very hard for a man to work the whole day and then take care of kids and the house.

For a long time it has been unfashionable to say that some women want to stay at home to the point that now it is expected for usual women to have a career, loving husband, kids and beautiful tidy house. But the truth is if you can afford to outsource cleaning and childcare by hiring help, then you can keep your career.

Academic and blogger Shehnaz Suterwalla said: "We've come full circle from the beginnings of feminism in the 1970s, when women were rejecting the traditional homemaker role and moving out of the house. Now it's a space they are reclaiming, as we can see from the proliferation of television programs and books about home crafts and decorating.


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