Animal testing is immoral and unnecessary, and it should be banned


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It has been estimated that approximately 20 million animals are being used for testing and are killed annually; about 15 million of them are used to test for medication and five million for other products. As the statistics indicate animal testing is dangerous and harmful but medical research must continue.



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Animal  testing is immoral and unnecessary, and it should be banned

The application of animals to test a large number of products from household compounds and cosmetics to Pharmaceutical products has been considered to be a normal strategy for many years. Laboratory animals are generally used in three primary fields: biomedical research, product security evaluation and education. It has been estimated that approximately, 20 million animals are being used for testing and are killed annually; about 15 million of them are used to test for medication and five million for other products.

Around the world, animals are utilized to test products ranging from shampoo to new cancer drugs. Each and every medication used by humans is first tested on the animals. Animals were also applied to develop anesthetics to ease human ailments and suffering during surgery. Acceptance of such experimentations is subject to a lot of argumentation. As the statistics indicate animal testing is dangerous and harmful, but medical research must continue.

Arguments for testing

The supporters of animal testing argue that if animal testing is eliminated, that many of the medications and procedures that we currently use today would exist and the development of future treatments would be extremely limited. Humans have been assisted from the healthcare developments that have been based on the benefits of animal research and testing for many years now. Surgery on animals has assisted in developing organ transplant and open-heart surgery techniques. Animal testing has also assisted in developing vaccines against diseases. Development of antibiotics, insulin and cancer treatments depend upon animal tests. Other testing techniques are not advanced enough.

Moreover, many argue that the lives of animals may be worthy of some respect, but the value we give on their lives does not count as much as the value we give to human life. Human beings are considered living beings that have the capability and sensibility that is much higher than animals.

What about animal rights,
some supporters of animal testing argue that moral rights and principles of justice apply only to human beings. Morality is considered as a social creation out of its eventual process in which we do not associate animals.

A review by the American Medical Association indicated that about 99 percent of active physicians in the US believed that animal research has given rise to medical advancement. Scientists found that there are no such differences in lab animals and humans that cannot be used in tests. If animal testing were to be outlawed it would be impossible to attain the significant knowledge that is necessary to eliminating much suffering and premature deaths for both humans and animals.

Arguments against testing 

The critics of animal testing base their argument on the grounds of morality, the necessity or the validity of this procedure, whether proper authority to perform such tests is granted, whether such tests are actually needed and whether such tests practically provide us with any useful information.

The fact that the results attained from experiments on animal testing do not accurately portray their influence on humans is considered to be a one of the serious argument against the animal testing. Humans are quite different from other animals, so the consequences of animal testing may not applicable to humans. They argue that they way one species reacts to a given drug or chemical in a particular way does not necessarily entail other species will react in the same way.

As a result those against animal testing argue that animal testing should be banned immediately.

My Stance: 

20 million animals are being used for testing and are killed annually. This number does not affect the fauna since these animals are reared specially for experiments. I think animal testing is necessary for healthcare development. Modern computer models which can be used to devise the reaction of a drug to the animal are not too effective for majority of theoretical results is differ from practical. Even if some consequences of animal testing may not applicable to humans there are hardly to find alternatives to it because nothing can replace living organism.


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