The Titanic principle has not done humanity good


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Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, US. The sinking of Titanic caused the deaths of more than 1,500 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in modern history.



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The Titanic principle has not done humanity good

Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, US. The sinking of Titanic caused the deaths of more than 1,500 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. So, the myth of Titanic that it is unsinkable was tragically disproved. Titanic was the largest ship afloat at the time it entered service. The ship could carry 3547 people (crew – 885; first class -416; second class – 162; third class, 262). The number of lifeboats on board a ship was 1, 178. It was enough for the first three classes, whereas many members of the crew and other passengers had no chance of survival in case of emergency. On its maiden voyage, the ship carried 2, 223 passengers, but there were lifeboats for 1, 178 people. Theoretically, 1,045 people were deprived of any help in case of emergency.

But: at first, passengers were reluctant to leave the ship in small boats. Lifeboat 1 carried only 12 people instead of 40 on what it was counted. The first lifeboat launched carried 28 people instead of 65. Only 2 of the 18 launched boats returned to rescue others. One more distressing circumstance is the ship carried more boats than it was required by the British Board of Trade Regulations.

The insufficient boats’ theory includes such meanings as:

- The ship carried fewer boats than it needed.

- The ship carried lifeboats for half of her capacity.

- The delay in launching lifeboats was fatal.

- The first lifeboat was launched in an hour after the collision.

- Initially, passengers were reluctant to heave the ship in lifeboats.

- The Titanic was considered to be unsinkable.

What about saved, the most vulnerable groups were Third Class children and women. They failed to use their right to leave the ship first. Priorities were given to female passengers in first class. So, 75 per cent of women and only 20 per cent of men were saved.

Can women be blamed for accepting priorities? For example, there were only 4 men of 23 people on lifeboard 6. It hurt women to leave men on board a ship. They realized the depth of human tragedies when children were left fatherless and families separated forever. If it were not the protocol they might have shared the fate of those men who were forced to stay without any hope. The survivors in the water had a right to use this last hope. They knew that there was room in the boats for many more survivors. It is very important to taking care and be gentlemen even in such situations. And we can see there were many human and brave men who sacrificed their own lives for rescue women and children.

But also we got to know that in matters of life and death people cannot be segregated. It was like the Day of Judgment for those people on the Titanic. They had to choose between life and death. Some rushed into the boats, others plunged into the sea for survival. Safety should be given priority for all passengers without exception. From the very moment of launching the lifeboats, it was unreasonable to leave them partially loaded with people. Human nature was revealed from both positive and negative sides.

This horrible tragedy taught us a good deal: people ought not to dare to neglect danger to other’s life and one main reason is that nobody can guess what may happen.



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