Extreme sports are a thrill we all need for a change


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Some sports are extremely dangerous but are they really a thrill every one of us needs for a change Extreme sports have become commonplace in many parks and tourist attractions. Although those sports are very hazardous they are still drawing large number of participants. I strongly argue against the common approach regarding extreme sports.



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Extreme sports are a thrill we all need for a change.

Some sports are extremely dangerous, but are they really a thrill every one of us needs for a change? Extreme sports have become commonplace in many parks and tourist attractions. Although those sports are very hazardous, they are still drawing large number of participants. I strongly argue against the common approach regarding extreme sports. For sure it’s never to be said that everyone needs to be involved in this kind of sport. It is only suitable for fearless, adventurous, physically fit, passionate people that want to experience new things. Basically those are the characteristics of a professional athlete. These people value their life less that extreme and adrenalin factor, which is involved in extreme sports.

Let me list top 5 most dangerous extreme sports according to http://www.mensxp.com just to get the idea of how ridiculously dangerous and crazy these kinds of sports may be:

First is Free Solo Climbing - climbing rocks and mountains not harnessed and without any safety gear.

Second is Base Jumping. It involves taking off the cliff higher than the sky! One out of sixty participants dies. They are given a parachute but they fail too as all of us know.

Third is Wing Suit Flying. It is said that it takes a man to skydive 200 times to eliminate all risks of dying during this sport.

Number four is Running of the Bulls. The race is one of the deadliest and the most popular sports in Spain and lasts for about a few minutes. Dressed in white clothes with a red waistband and neckerchief, the runners are chased by ferocious bulls.

And finally it’s Big Wave Surfing. This sport’s most popular location, the Dungeons in South Africa promise gigantic and cold waves for people who like to ‘brave the sea’. It’s not just the sheer size of the waves that is adventurous; it’s the presence of sharks down below that sometimes scares the surfers to death. Dungeons are inhabited by the biggest sharks known to man.

In conclusion, people like to play dangerous sports for conquering their fears and ‘blowing off the steam’. However, they need to be fully aware of the consequences and risks of doing this. Meanwhile, they have to take suitable actions to protect themselves. In terms of protection, in my opinion, far and away the most important thing to do is to ensure participants are in good health conditions. This is because the risk of being injured is very high. Sometimes, even people’s lives will be in peril. More importantly, insurance is of great necessity, as this is the safety net for saving their lives as well as compensating their families.


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