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Speaking of camping at organized campsites they have a number of facilities such as fire rings barbecue grills utilities bathrooms and laundry. Today’s campers see in camping a chance to get out of the daily routine and improve their survival skills.



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Camping is an outdoor recreational activity which is rather popular in the present world. Speaking of camping at organized campsites they have a number of facilities such as fire rings, barbecue grills, utilities, bathrooms and laundry. For example, at Sava Resort in Sloveniya has 5 bathroom facilities with showers, two of which are heated in the pre- and post-season periods. There are coin-operated washers and dryers available in one of the facilities. Private bathrooms are available for hire. Today’s campers see in camping a chance to get out of the daily routine and improve their survival skills. They would rather benefit from the many amenities that campsites are nowadays equipped with. I must admit, that camping at the campsites can be expensive depending on facilities it provides. Usually the most visited places tend to be more comfortable, more sought after and more expensive. But it’s just a kind of relaxation in the open-air and not the way of getting closer to nature.

However, the camping in the wild  has something about unzipping your tent in the morning and looking out to find a breathtaking lake or sea surrounded by mountains. There is no noise, neighbors, officious campsite owners, queues to the shower – just you and nature. You can admire the sunsets and sunrises; listen to the sounds of wood and sea. You can breathe the fresh air and drink clean water from the mountain stream. It is often said that our today’s life and problems make us insensible. We do not pay attention to the simple things and the world around us. It’s true that wild camping can open the most sacrificed places of your consciousness. Wild camping is the way to get closer to nature, to understand its signal to us and to become free. We live in the world of stone buildings and boring offices. But when we go even to the countryside we start feeling free.

One should, however, not to forget that wild camping is rather difficult kind of travelling. Campers should know and be able to find a suitable place and put up the tent. Besides, all wild campsites reached by walking, so campers should be physically prepared to carry their home on their back. All the things nevermind it is a sleeping bag or food, should be light. We cannot ignore the fact that free camping is really pleasant thing but campers shouldn’t forget about laws. Some countries tolerated to camping in the wild (Scotland, England, wales, France, Bulgaria, Estonia) but other no (Greece).

To sum up wild camping is really a great way of getting back to nature. The joys of getting out and immersing yourself into the landscapes can get a bit hairy mind. Personally, I still remember the sunrise in the Crimean Mountains not far from Zmiyivskiy Waterfall. The color of the sky was unbelievable. People who tried it once want to go camping again and again.


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