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Continual participation in a hobby can provide substantial skill and knowledge about it. The types of hobbies are collecting, outdoor recreation, performing arts, creative hobbies, modeling, cooking, gardening, reading, sports. For example outdoor pursuits are the group of activities which occur outdoors.



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Hobbies. Free Time (I)

  1.  Let’s talk about hobbies. What do people do in their free time?
    They say “life is a big headache in a long noisy road”. This statement truly explains our life nowadays. It’s full of stress. From dawn to dusk everyone has to go through a rigorous schedule. Even children are not an exception. Every day there are deadlines to meet, reports to write, bills to pay, meetings to attend. Life is a never-ending race – that’s why for most people the stress reduction is necessary. People can find different ways to escape from the stress and difficulties of modern life. Many of them give their free time to work for voluntary or charity organizations. Going shopping, playing any games, taking diving lessons – why not? – these are the ways to spend your free time. People also spend their free time going to the cinema, theatre, art galleries, fitness clubs or discos.
    As for a hobby, it’s a regular activity done for pleasure, typically during leisure time – for example collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports.
    Continual participation in a hobby can provide substantial skill and knowledge about it.
    The types of hobbies are collecting, outdoor recreation, performing arts, creative hobbies, modeling, cooking, gardening, reading, sports.
    For example outdoor pursuits are the group of activities which occur outdoors. These hobbies include gardening, hill walking, canoeing, climbing, fishing and engaging in water sports and winter sports.
    In some kinds of this hobby many people enjoy adrenaline rush or just escape from reality.
    Many hobbies involve performances by the hobbyist, such as singing, acting, juggling, dancing, playing any musical instrument.
    Some hobbies result in an end product. It’s woodworking, photography, moviemaking. This type of a hobby also includes some handicrafts, for example paper craft.
    As for me, when I have free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends or surf and browse the Internet.
  2.  Do you know how people in Belarus spend their free time?
    As far as I know, people in Belarus enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities. According to the survey a lot of  Belarusians enjoy watching TV, about 25 hours each week. A lot of programs are about cooking, health, gardening and wildlife. A significant number of people also spend time listening to the radio. The addiction to digital devices is constantly growing in Belarus. About 24 per cent of the free time of Belarusian people is spent on socializing. People enjoy visiting and entertaining with friends and relatives. Besides Belarusians are interested in cinemas and movie houses. Eating out has grown in popularity. Another popular pastime is gardening. Many people in Belarus have a dacha, a country house where they go in order to run away from a noisy city, to enjoy growing flowers and vegetables. More and more people practice active ways of spending the weekend. Sports and physical recreation has have become widely spread around the country. People of different ages take up cycling, swimming in summer and ice skating and skiing in winter.
  3.  What questions can you ask a British friend about his/her hobby?
    1. I wonder how you spend your leisure time.

2. It’s interesting to know when you took up this activity.
3. I’d like to know if you have ever given up this hobby.

IV.  Give me advice what to do in my free time.
Why not to take up a straw weaving, a very old craft. It’s a very interesting and quiet occupation. Some beautiful and useful objects for everyday life, some funny souvenirs for friends made with your own hands can bring a lot of pleasure and delight. Isn’t it enjoyable?
Another occupation you may take up for your free time is hunting berries and mushrooms. If you are fond of nature, then it’ll be real fun to leave the city and go to the forest and gather a full basket of wild mushrooms. But mind that this activity can be dangerous, you’d better have an expert who knows a lot about mushrooms.
Such an activity as horse riding also has psychological benefits. It gives a person strength to overcome everyday problems. So everything depends on you
r taste, desire and abilities.

Do you think it’s possible to enjoy yourself without spending much money?
In my view, we can enjoy ourselves without spending much money. For example, just go to the park and spend free time learning to ply a new game; pick up juggling or just grab a tennis ball and start playing catch with yourself, or volunteer to babysit the kids of someone you know. They will teach you how to play all sorts of games that don’t cost you any cash. Kids will remind you of the fun you used to have as a child.
One of the best things you can do to have fun with yourself is to daydream. Sit down and spend some time dreaming of all the things that you could wish for. Make a list of goals, areas you are determined to succeed in. You may find that this inspires you to do more with your life.
Just think and look for – and you’ll find something interesting.


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