Let’s talk about healthy way of life (sport and health)


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Is going in for sport useful In my opinion we can hardly overestimate the role of sport. Sport helps people to stay in good shape keep fit does wonders for their stamina makes them more organized and better disciplined. Sport is also a means of relaxation and entertainment a way of spending leisure time and building up health.



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Let's talk about healthy way of life (sport and health)

I. Let's talk about healthy way of life. Is It Important to be healthy?

In my view there's nothing more important than health. They say "Health is above wealth". We always try to avoid diseases all of us know how we feel when we are ill. It's great to have a good health. When we are healthy we enjoy life and can do everything we want to do. Everyone should know there are some important rules to follow to be healthy.

-We should keep our body, clothes, home, clean

-We should have a good sleep to feel fresh in the morning

-A person should eat healthy food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables as they are rich in vitamins. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Be active, physical exercises play an important part physically in active people catch a cold more often than those who do a lot of exercises. We should spend as much time as possible in the open air. If it's not too cold it's better to sleep with your window open.

Our food (I mean what we eat) is not less important we mustn't drink fizzy drinks, eat junk food such as hot-dogs pizzas and something like that. One can't deny that an alarming thing about our    lifestyle is that the amount of exercise has decreased. It's necessary to think this problem over.

II. Is going in for sport useful?

In my opinion we can hardly overestimate the role of sport. Sport helps people to stay in good shape, keep fit does wonders for their stamina, makes them more organized and better disciplined. Sport is also a means of relaxation and entertainment, a way of spending leisure time and building up health. Physical exercises help a person to be healthy, to control his weight. Sport moulds our character. When people go in for sport they attend different clubs, swimming pools, fitness centres so it’s a way to make new friends.

III. What questions will you ask a professional sportsman?

IV. What activities can you advise a person to have a healthy way of life.

As I see it there's evidence that even moderate physical activity can protect against some ' illnesses such as heart diseases, strokes, as well as improve general wellbeing and the quality of life Almost everyone can benefit from being a little more active. Just make small changes like using the stairs Instead of the lift, or walk, or cycle, try to avoid using a car. Physical fitness can help you live longer, cope with life problems. Tor a non-sporting person with no time to spare physical activities seem time-consuming and the best way out isn't to start running maraphones, but to do morning exercises, to stick to this routine, as the feeling of being healthy and fit is worth doing it.

V. What health problems does fast food lead to?

In today's fast moving world people have less time to spend eating let alone cooking. It's probably the reason why Junk food has become so popular. A diet of Junk food isn't the best thing for our health as it's high in saturated fat, rich in calories, but tacking of nutrition. Hamburgers, crisps, chocolate bars, hot-dogs fall into this category. Saturated fat is associated with a greater risk of cancer, heart or liver diseases. Another side effect of eating junk food is that you gain   weight. Lack of activity makes things worse. The solution is to avoid junk food and start eating more vegetables and fruit, to become more active. Doctors point that twenty minutes exercise three times a week is all that is necessary. A balanced diet and regular exercise bring significant health benefits.

VI. What sport activities do teens enjoy?

In Belarus sport is paid much attention to. So teens have great variety of opportunities to be engaged in sport. They have PE lessons at school where they have a warm up, do a lot of exercises and play different games. Sports activities are arranged after classes. Teens attend different sports clubs: tourism and table-tennis, football and handball. Children are engaged in different amateur clubs and fitness centers  go to the swimming-pools. Teens are involved in sports activities in summer going to different camps where sport is paid much attention to.


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