Family. Generation gap


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Family is very important for every person because it gives you a sense of stability and tradition a feeling of having support and understanding. Its a family that gives you a consolation in sorrow it makes you feel secure. A family is the thing any member should value.



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Why is family important to you?
I believe that everything has its beginning in the family. Family is very important for every person, because it gives you a sense of stability and tradition, a feeling of having support and understanding. It’s a family that gives you a consolation in sorrow, it makes you feel secure. A family is the thing any member should value. Freedom in my family has made us close. I’m happy that I can cast all my troubles and concerns to my mum and dad in the
fullest measure. Their care is always available when a concern arises. They understand and comfort me. My parents give me a good example to follow. I feel safe, the little world within my family is perfect. The feeling gives me guidance, motivates me and fixes my eyes on necessary things. I’m sure a family is an emotional centre of a person’s life, a transmitter of culture.

What will you ask a British teenager about his/her family?
1) I wonder how many members there are in your family;
2) It’s interesting to know if you are on friendly terms with all your extended family:
3) I wonder how you spend your free time together.

What can you advise people who want to have a close and happy family?
I would advise to spend more time together, going on a hike or on an excursion also unites a family. You should visit theatres, cinemas, and museums, play games together, share household chores. I’d also advise you to talk about your problems and discuss them, then a child is sure that he/she can find support and understanding. You should share joys and sorrows and it will help all the members to feel safe and secure.

What are your ideas about an ideal family?
As I see it, in an ideal family parents are frank and honest with their children, they treat them with respect, without moralizing. Parents try not to dominate their children and are never bossy. Children, in their turn, learn how to treat other people, how to form relationship with their equals. In an ideal family the members are gentle, respectful and loving. In such a family parents are very much concerned about their children. They appreciate their personality. Parents are careful and attentive. They share joys and sorrows as well as household chores. In an ideal family there’s affection for each other. Absence makes their hearts grow fonder.

Are there any things that you do about the house?
There are certain things in life which you have to do whether you like it or not. One of such things is household chores, doing which is a necessity. At the same time you hardly find a person who doesn’t like comfort, delicious food, clean and tidy clothes. Doing all these things is called housework. Many people find it boring. In my view, the best way to cope with your housework is to split the job among the family members. The proverb says, “Many hands make light work”. Certainly, I have some household chores. There are some things I can’t avoid doing. For example, cleaning my room. I’m not a messy person, but by the end of the week it looks like a store house. Another thing I have to do is washing up. It has been my duty for years. Going on short shopping rounds for some food stuff is my favourite.
Once a week my parents give the flat a big clean. If I’m not busy with my homework, I help them. I polish the furniture, clean the carpets with a vacuum-cleaner, but sometimes, as it’s my father’s job. I dislike ironing things. There are some other things I also do, but occasionally, for example taking away the rubbish. We don’t do much washing as we’ve got a washing-machine.
Doing housework together makes it not so boring but I think at present, it’s my mother’s hands that make our life pleasant and cosy.

Generation gap
When children get past 10 years old it’s sometimes difficult both for children and parents to live together happily at home. This often happens because the children want more freedom from their parents, but parents still think that their children are little. It’s the cause of generation gap.
Sometimes the children are right. They need to go out, to meet friends, learn how to socialize with other people who are not the members  of their family.
Sometimes the parents are right. Children still need help and protection, as there are many things in the world they don’t understand yet. It’s parents who must teach their children what is good or bad, how to live in the world outside the family.
To solve the problem is to try to understand each other, it’s matter of give and take, to talk and to listen. Shouting and crying are of no use. Talking and listening is the answer.

Children’s safety
Children’s safety is vital. Children are worried about different things from fear of getting lost to bad dreams, from dying to fear of strangers. But the greatest numbers of children are worried about bullying and moreover, suffer from it. Most of the incidents take place at school or on the way to and from school. Among the victims are both boys and girls. This affects their everyday lives. Children don’t want to go to school and say they are ill.
The best advice is to share. Don’t keep silence, tell somebody you trust – teachers, parents. The bullies are often cowards themselves. Don’t be afraid of them and show that you are not afraid. Don’t be an easy target. Only joint efforts can help to cope with the problem, so show your confidence.


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